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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 3:31PM :

It should be clear to some among us that we are not dealing with any kind of a "Christian" when we run into an Andreas and the rest of this pack of hell hounds. These people are demented and seek to hide behind someone they consider forgiving enough to put up with people as detestable as they are. That's why they go on and on about how SAVED they are...because they know they really deserve being thrown away.

>>>>>You see pancho, i dont know if you know, but to your nation it doesnt matter what YOU believe in or dont believe in, because your nation has believed in the only begotten son, and has been saved already.

+++This WOULD be your idea of being America is gonna "save" Iraq, and Afghanistan...and as it has "saved" savages and brought them to Christ. Jesus was a Jew...his father was a Jew, everyone connected with him was a Jew...I am an Assyrian...I accept Jesus for what he more, no less. He certainly wasn't any savior to the Assyrian people. It would seem that Yahweh saved you for his show the world what you could do with the once mighty Assyrian nation...if only you got hold of them early enough and promised them cookies and milk forever...up in the sky.

++++Would you save your money at a bank that did this to people's money?

>its a closed book

+++It's a closed mind...a steel trap actually.

, we have been saved, praise god

+++The Jews thank you every day for allowing them to "save" you this way.

>now as for you, i feel sorry for you, and i try , but why should i?
>it is said, dont throw jewels infront of pigs, they will tread upon it, remember
>its a closed book

+++In your case it was pigs thrown in front of pigs. I don't feel anything for you...nothing at all. I do appreciate your coming out and saying these things have no idea how many Assyrians out there are seeing you guys for what you are...for the first time in many cases. You use us as a sacrifice to your Jew show him how much humiliation you can bear...just as "He" did.

+++You think because Jesus was despised, and you are makes you one with him.

+++Suck eggs.

-- panch
-- signature .

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