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Posted by panch from pool0460.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 6:04PM :

Idiot puncho:

It was Your brother the communist regime of North veitnam who was invading the south to force the South Vietnamese against their will under the oppresion of communism.

+++There was no north or south Vietnam...as there was no north or south Korea...as there is no "north" Iraq either. These are the tricks this country has played, and will again. It isn't hard to find collaborators who will call themselves the "Free Democratic Republic" of whatever...propped up by US arms.

+++The Vietnamese were one people...fighting Communist aggression from China...they fought the Chinese long and hard...it was a fantasy of the United States that any communists were oppressing people...in any country where the United States propped up a regime there was terror, murder, rape, and brutal oppression, then as now we made certain only extremists had a chance to be in opposition...they do the same in Palestine and the Mideast now...you are a fool of the worst kind...you actually believe the line. Many many fine Americans understand these things...as fascists all over the world believe they are "saving" freedom when they steal the lands and resources of others.

+++I am no more a Communist than a Muslim than a Christian...it seems you don't know what to do with an Assyrian.

Decades after the North Vietnam took over, the South Vietnamese Boat people were fleeing their country to escape communist oppression. You are too stupid to have noticed that.

++++Not true...these people left before...and ran to Cambodia and Laos, where Nixon and Kissinger bombed millions to death and unleashed Pol Pot on the rest. The damage the United States Corporate Military has done in Asia, Africa and Latin America is well documented.

It was also the communists in South America who were fermenting violence and threatening to take over various governments and caused the death of those who died there.

+++You ferment booze and your kind of
bullshit...not violence...you FOMENT that.

+++Two countries had freely elected Communist governments which the CIA overthrew...but you are a singing parrot...what would you do with ideas or books?

++++Hey...are you blaming the victims? Also not true...there were grass roots rebellions, often led by members of the middle classes who could have taken advantage of Uncle Sam's goodies but decided not to...that's why they were hated so by us...because they wanted foreigners out of their countries...the United States in the last fifty years is in NO position to lecture anyone about freedom or Democrcay...even today we have to remind this idiot president, who stole the presidency, that he must abide by the Constitution...something people like you who are SURE they are right, can't be bothered with. You know nothing about the United States, except the goodies are better than you've ever had. With that for a criteria, dogs would make the best citizens.

It is true that the constitution of the United States gives the free speach to criticize the government. The same constitution gives me the right to call you stupid and ask you to take your ass to Kabul and Saudi Arabia or Iraq where you will be rewarded more rights and privilages than you enjoying here.

++++yes you have that right...be glad.

You are very predictable. for you America is had and everyone else is good. This is how you sound.

++++Not true...America has a wonderful system...as it had laws protecting investors...till the Repubs gutted them some years back...just so they could rob us. We have a system of government that depends on constant vigilance and an educated citizenry...they can be taken advantage of easily...but not for long.

+++It turned out that those of us who denounced the war were in the right...we were the ones who didn't want the United States to become a tyranny...to kill innocent people of color, or to send our own brothers to their deaths...patriot fools such as yourself declare your own narrow greed to be "ideology"...what would you know?

Communist North Vietname Good! America Bad
South American communists Good! America Bad
Islamic Fanatics Good! America Bad
Saddam Good America Bad

+++All idiots and selfish fools are a danger to all of us...and the United States has more than its fair share.

+++I am not the only one critical..I know as a boater you hope to blend in quickly and show your gratitude...I've been here longer...I don't have the time to wet nurse you to maturity.

United States has taken in not only me but millions of others every year who hated the oppresion and maltreatment and the sutipity in their own country. As you see they are all coming here regardless of their nationality and relgion no one wants to go to the Islamic paradices which you love so much but do not want to live there. You are the biggest hypocrite and ingrate that there ever was.

+++Not so...the United States not only bombs many lands and interferes in others, but knows enough to allow the better ones to come here and help the country grow even stronger. There are thousands and millions of people who would gladly stay home...if there was any way their homelands could resist United States Corporate Greed.

+++America is a wonderful country...and the fact that we want to keep it that way is what motivates Americans to criticize...it is from our love, not from our desire to benefit personally...you have recited your lesson well...there is a bone for you in the corner.

Have Good day
Puncho hater


-- panch
-- signature .

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