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Posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 11:52PM :

It's interesting to note something that I heard Bill Mahr say a few months ago on Television... He said that September 11th provided America with an "out"... one single chance to change our ways... our wake up call. Bush could have seized upon the opportunity provided to this country by the horrible act of destruction by encouraging Americans to conserve energy, to drive smaller cars, to support alternative energy and fuel, to get more involved in their children's lives and in government, and to do so many things. Instead, he did nothing, and America is what it was that caused the attacks to happen in the first place. Nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed, yet on every single TV show they said that after Sept 11... "it would never be the same"... but that's the whole point! It is exactly the same... if not worse.

My co-worker told me that today was just another day for her. She saw a message on an internet message board that said that it would be "evil for people to treat this one year anniversary of 9/11 as just another day"... and she responded on the board, saying "I guess that means that I'm evil."

There was an incredible special on PBS where an orthodox Rabbi, Islamic experts (real ones!), Christians, Buddhists... all sorts of people from all around the country and world gave their opinions about the attacks. We watched it until it ended, and then went through the channels. We have 7 channels... no cable, just an antenna. (It's interesting to note that even stations that come in with Antennae are being phased out. In the next few years, everyone will have to get a digital Television and the government is taking back the "antenna" TV station's rights to the air waves)... anyway, so 6 out of the 7 channels (all major/national or local channels) were participating in the Sept 11, 2002 media frenzy so we decided to watch the one channel that wasn't... or not watch at all.

Many of these programs just make me sick... and I'm glad to have room mates that agree.

In class today we were discussing Locke and the State of Nature... then we went into the function of government (in Locke's opinion) and Tyranny... from his 2nd treatise of Government which basically was arguing for the English revolution.

In the context of talking about "Majoritarianism"...(i.e. the majority rules) my teacher mentioned the USA Patriot act and most of the students (young and old) didn't know what that was... he mentioned how only 2 or 3 gov't officials voted against it, and how it took away so many cherished civil liberties. I sarcastically said "Funny how they named it the "Patriot" act"... and he laughed. The sad thing was that most of the people in the class, young and old, didn't even know what that was. I mean, these are people who are in College... not that that means anything significant or makes them smarter, but I really thought people were more aware.

Also, he mentioned Iraq again and one of the 'aware' members of the class surmised that perhaps the US wanted to make Iraq the "51st State in the United States of America"... that was the only explanation that he could think of for the US getting involved over there even more. Very funny stuff... but a very sad day.

Sad because of the fact that people are so desperate... driven over the edge that they could do such a thing... and sad because ignorance and inactivity could have prevented it from happening.

But, in a way, at least I have been able to find like-minded people who agree with me somewhat. Isn't that what it's all about? It's like speaking with Americans is like one giant "AANF" convention if you will... I like to speak with others that share my beliefs, or are at least open-minded and we can agree to disagree....

And just yesterday I got a mailing from Metro Detroit against sanctions. Apparently 2 of their members, white americans, are being fined $10,000 for going to Iraq and delivering medicine.

Just sit back and think about this. Can you imagine getting a $10,000 fine for going to New York and delivering medicine after the WTC attacks? The overwhelming majority of these anti-sanctions people are NOT middle eastern. They are of all different backgrounds. I went to a march and saw them... asians, whites, latinos, blacks, women, christians, jews, athiests... of course they were mainly liberal, but other than that they were entirely diverse as far as religion and ethnicity goes. So they are going to raise $10,000 for each of the people that was fined by the US gov't and then send that money to buy food and medicine for starving, dying Iraqi children.... thus defying the US fine and facing prision time.

You suppose anyone in our community would do that?

Good night people...

-- Jeff
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