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Posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-68-181.LTU.EDU ( on Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 2:16PM :

In Reply to: A gem from a friend's friend on a Godzilla... posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-68-181.LTU.EDU ( on Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 2:02PM :

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Baby Godzilla
Re: So hard to believe its been almost a year... ( 14:45:08 Wed Sep 11 2002 )

Quote: Guy1101 at 00:20:58 Wed Sep 11 2002

Terrorism doesn't scare me- stuff like that does. What we are capable of doing to ourselves is 10X worse than what any terrorist can do to us.

Thank you for that. I agree with you completely.

To GINO and G-CRUSHER: Our liberties will not be ALL taken away in one fell swoop. Next year we will (probably) not be living in a police-state, but if things continue in the direction they are currently going we will be one step closer to that. Maybe even just a baby step closer, but it's all the same to me. I don't want even the teeniest tiniest bit of freedom taken from me. Does that mean that I am spoiled? Perhaps. We are all spoiled and that is THE REASON for living in the United States. Yeah, I could go live in China or some 3rd world country if I didn't want any rights. So I guess I'm a big spoiled baby because I live in the so-called "land of the free".

I am not a criminal or a terrorist. That does not mean that I don't mind my e-mail being monitored or my body cavities being searched. "I have nothing to hide. Sure I'll bend over for you, officer. Sir, yes Sir!" Give me a freakin' break! My business is my own.

Oh, and the drug (and bomb) sniffing dogs in the schools thing is true. I live in a middle-class suburb (with no crime or drug problems) and the police conduct random searches with drug-sniffing dogs at the high school. The school also gives random drug tests to students. I was there for the searches of lockers (and cars!) but luckily was never asked to take a drug test. However, my brother was given a drug test. Sheep as he is, he took it! The school had absolutely NO reason to suspect him. He was called to the office one day, and asked to take a drug test. They said that it was random, he was not singled out, but that he would have to take it or they would call his parents. The idiot took the test! My mother, who is quiet and mousy, would even have stood up for him if he refused to take it. I would have refused to take it. I have never done any drugs, I do not smoke and I only very rarely have the tiniest drink -- AND I REFUSE TO TAKE ANY DRUG TESTS! I think my brother was kind of scared and put on-the-spot, so that is why he took it. And that is exactly the plan. Let's scare the little weasels into taking drug tests! Let's randomly search their lockers and bookbags! They don't have any rights! Ha! Ha! Let's acclimate the little buggers to this now, so they don't protest later! And, juding by this message board, it seems to be working

*Quote: Zillamon51

After the Columbine school shooting, our schools were run more like prisons than institutions of learning. Students' book bags and clothing were subject to arbitrary searches, metal detectors were installed at the entrances, and security cameras were installed in hallways and classrooms. Classroom doors were rigged with automatic locking mechanisms, so a whole school could be 'locked down' (just like a prison) in the event of an emergency. "Zero-tolerance" policies make a felon out of any kid carrying anything from a pocket knife to a metal spoon. *

*Quote: Raptor1

It should have been done way before IMO. I wonder how anyone can learn (or teach) in some of the classroom and school atmospheres even now. Discipline is often "foreign" in these places in any way, shape or form. As for "felony" charges, I'm sure the juvenile justice codes take precedence over any "over-reactions" that were quoted from "concerned" parents and others by newspapers "milking" these tragedies for everything they were worth. Jonesboro and Kentucky should not be forgotten either so school discipline and students' "personal problems" are not unique to California, big cities, etc.*

Are you serious, Raptor1!?!?! There is such thing as too much discipline. I know I couldn't learn much with a police officer looking over my shoulder.

Pity the country that needs a hero. -- Van Zan

-- Jeff
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