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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, September 13, 2002 at 5:16AM :

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"Gilgamesh and the World of Assyria"

Conference at Mandelbaum House, the University of Sydney

Sponsored by the Department of Ancient History
Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 July 2004


Papers are invited touching upon the Gilgamesh legends and epic of
ancient Mesopotamia, and the world in which they were fashioned and
circulated. While our emphasis is be upon Gilgamesh in Mesopotamia and
Assyria, the Gilgamesh legend was also, to some extent, known in other
cultures, e.g. Israel, Hatti, and the classical world.

We are calling for papers:

* elucidating the reading and significance of the Gilgamesh legends
(including modern approaches to read and analyse the Gilgamesh
* studying the role of these legends in the Mesopotamian tradition;
* discussing the influences which went into the fashioning of the
Gilgamesh literature;
* exploring the extent to which the Gilgamesh literature was itself an
influence in Mesopotamia, Assyria and other civilizations;
* studying the modification of the Gilgamesh legends over time
(including other literature such as the "Gilgamesh letter";
* elucidating how the study of art and artefacts can shed light on the
Gilgamesh legends;
* exploring how important Gilgamesh was to the Assyrians;
* asking how important Gilgamesh is now?
* comparing the Gilgamesh legends and the Hebrew Bible;
* exploring the significance of Gilgamesh studies for the study of the

Abstracts of anywhere from 100 to 500 words should be forwarded to
either Dr Noel Weeks at or to myself at

Scholars presenting papers at the conference would ordinarily have
thirty minutes for reading and questions. However, scholars may request
a less time, or a little more (up to 45 minutes), if that would better
suit their needs.

While preference must be given to papers which are directly within the
scope of the call of papers, scholars who wish to present papers
touching upon Assyrian or biblical studies are encouraged to submit
abstracts even if their research does not otherwise touch upon
Gilgamesh. If the response is sufficiently strong, we will hold parallel
sessions. There is as yet no deadline for submissions, however a
deadline may be advised in the future, to the ANE page.

Accomodation is available at Mandelbaum House, and elsewhere at the
University of Sydney. Prices for Mandlebaum House and Sancta Sophia
College are presently available, but more details will be furnished
closer to the time of the conference.

Registration fees have not yet been finalised. Any profits from the
conference will be applied to securing publication of some or all of the
papers presented, and to funding a conference of Phoenician and Biblical
Studies at the University of Sydney.

A web site will be prepared well before the conference. If anyone has
any queries, they should not hesitate to contact me.


Joseph Azize
University of Sydney

-- andreas
-- signature .

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