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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, September 13, 2002 at 2:40PM :

In Reply to: Here are some excerpts from Zinda... posted by Stella from ( on Friday, September 13, 2002 at 12:45PM :

: "Mr. Nimrod has a tendency to personalize the role of the Assyrian Universal Alliance through his own goals and vision. For the past five years the objectives of this important political organization have evolved around his core personality which over time emphasize and reinforce his sense of ownership of the organization. Indeed he has succeeded to muffle the voices of other members of the Executive Board to the extend that no other Board member is ever consulted on decisions requiring the advise

+++ADVICE>>>ADVICE>>>you idiot...if you're going to SPEAK FOR it right for a fucking change!!!

of the elected officials of the AUA. Needless to say, Mr. Nimrod does not enjoy the full confidence of his own organization's Executive Board.

: Mr. Nirmod has created a rigid and inflexible environment where no alternative or opposing view can be expressed and no new blood infused into a decaying political machinery.

+++They HAVE no political machinery...wouldn't know it if they saw just want YOUR chance to have the silly perks that go with this non-job. YOU come. Polish the red lights...the Assyrian Leeders are coming to town.

In recent years he has become a monstrously self-aggrandizing leader of a weakened organization. He is called "Senator" wherever he goes

+++I call him "son of a bitch" myself.

, is treated with great deference and is given the best of everything. Stressing unity, making clever compromises, ensuring the continued support of those indebted to him (i.e. Mr. Homer Ashurian in Chicago) or those he could trust (i.e. Mr. Carlo Ganjeh in San Jose) have


been his stock-in-trade since he assumed the leadership of the AUA six years ago."

+++Zinda itself is puffing up the significance of the AUA...they are a joke with or without Nimrod...all they want to do now is get us all believing it is a very important that if they manage to put THEIR candidate in the front'll all be convinced already that this is somehow "significant".

These guys are in high school running for student body president...Suzy will be even worse than Nimrod because she is more credible. The very goals and aims of these organizations, and their abilty to NOT pee in their pants when called by a State Department somewhere...makes them dead in the water before they start.

Puffery and self aggrandizing organizations OR individuals will not be the way for us...they are playing at government...playing at a nation in its Diapers...aping and miming what the "growed ups" do.

A pox on all of either make a new start in a totally different direction...or you will get dragged into twenty more years of gobbledegook...and be even MORE disillusioned by the time you realize you've been had again.

These people thrive on empty promises...made to sound good to people who are eager to believe...who extend the benefit of the doubt over and over again...before realizing they were just used to lend some credibilty to nothing...nothing really. That's their biggest crime...they ruin people' enthusiasm by exhausting them wit make-work projects...ralleis and speeches and "political meetings" that haven't a hope in hell of going anywhere...and as each generation falls away they seize on the NEXT group and mindfuck them!

Just say "NO".

-- pancho
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