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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 12:00PM :

...we donīt have a serious news magazine...that weīre hamstrung by this tribal thang...I canīt afford to be humble and little as I like talking about myself and my work...if I donīt do one will know...and that isnīt right either.
This isnīt just my personal thing...I{m not a leeder...I donīt represent or speak out in behalf of these dimwits who want to lead ASSYRIA after work and on weekends.

I represent something more than myself..I am an Assyrian artist type person who attempted something ....something people hearing the experiences of a film helps guide clues, warnings...allows someone to see where I went wrong...think of what they would do differently. I donīt want to be the last of my line...keep it secret because I am against "bragging". I think we brag way too much...we brag about the raped virgins...we revel in how many thousands were killed...Peter The Rabid has that list stretching back to Adam of every Assyrian CHRISTIAN killed anywhere for any reason BY A MUSLIM. We brag of our incompetance ALL the Atour does when he sends out his they all do. The only kind of bragging they resent is the kind that points us in a different direction...towards excellence...THEN you are a braggard, you are self are promoting your BUSINESS.

You mean to tell me it isnīt nerws that an Assyrian sculptor who inspired enough Assyrians to part with their money to build the first Assyrian Monument in 2500 years...who built another and was on his way to another...who is yet AGAIN building another...even after the police, the threats, the broken promises, the lies, the e-mails in the night...that this is a "personal" matter and the rest of us donīt need to hear it? That it goes beyond one person or incident and points to a systemic fuck up of major proportions and therefore has great relevance for us all?

It isn{t news that our reputed and putrid leeders did this? REALLY? A war will come or not...the Sanctions will stop or not...Assyrians in Iraq will be killed or driven out or each case there seems to be little we can do about it...are even willing to to do about it. But what we CAN do is promote ourselves a culture, enhance a Heritage...ensure a place for ourselves. While the United States bombs the shit out of BetNahrain and starves its mean it isnīt relevant, or worthy of note, or bothersome...that our leedership here in America set their sights on breaking an Assyrian they removed a painting by a young Assyrian artist because he used the WRONG COLOR?

Our destiny lies in our own hands...or that part of it we can exercise some control over..have a direct and personal effect on. These leeders from hell can demand from the United Nations...they can cozy up to Bush...they can DEMAND from Iraq and Syria and the entire WORLD...and be serenely ignored, and it bothers them not at all. Just as they were so proud to read the letters from wurld leeders excusing themselves from attending our functions...we are pleased to be is a safe way to be leeeders and a great nayshun...none of them expect to accomplish anything...itīs enough to get a letter from the third undersectretary to the assistant to the twelfth director of the Iraq division in the State Department. That{s enough...they donīt want any more than that...would be scared witless if they were actually taken seriosuly.

But the monumrets WERE serious...we WERE up against the best and the toughest, and we WERE welcomed and listened to and moved to the head of the line...and they couldnīt STAND it.

In the areas that we CAN make a diference, have an impact...attract SERIOUS attention and those areas...where NO ONE stands ready to come OUR OWN FUCKIN LEEDERS to whack not only Rabel and I off at the knees...but to send that message to the rest of any others so foolish as to come to work within the community...for this a SERIOUS way...full time..with all your heart and mind and resources...and to work and work and work...and not be deterred... not just by the usual...but by the unusual, the unbelievable, the unfathomable...the inconceivable idea that a Jackie would shut me out...for personal reasopns...would replace my sculptures with three pots, and tell you all this is good enough for you...that she would sue Jeff for Two Million dollars, after throwing herself all over him too...and that Nimrod...our GREATEST leeder of all...would block the installation for SEVEN years...of an Assyrian monument..the second one in 2500 years...and threaten to sue the city of Chicago if it put the monument in one of the best locations we could have asked for...just because it isnīt in HIS neighborhood...just because HE canīt claim the glory...just because it was done without HIM and his friggin AUA "Assholes Under it ALL"

All politics are local...ALL of it. If we canīt manage our own house...where the fuck do we get off sending delegations to a State Department an issuing declarations to the world...these leeders are more adept at issuing fatwahs against their own people.

-- pancho
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