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Posted by Tony Zango from ( on Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 10:26PM :

In Reply to: ADC's position posted by Lilly from D006180.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 1:57AM :

Is it called The American Arab Anti- Discrimination Committee or Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee instead? if so, Why ?

: ADC Reiterates Opposition to Plans to Attack Iraq

: Washington, DC, Sept. 12 -- In response to President George W. Bush's
: address to the United Nations this morning, the American-Arab Anti-
: Discrimination Committee (ADC) reiterated its strong opposition to plans
: circulating in Washington for a United States attack against Iraq. ADC
: has consistently maintained that such an attack on Iraq would be
: unjustified, unnecessary and fraught with dangers.

: ADC stated that an attack on Iraq is not in the interests of the
: American or the Iraqi peoples, and that it will complicate, not advance,
: the war on terrorism. Concerns about weapons of mass destruction can
: and should be dealt with diplomatically and do not constitute a
: justification for launching a military attack. ADC strongly urged the
: governments of the United States and Iraq, along with the international
: community, to urgently work through the United Nations to find a
: diplomatic solution to the emerging crisis. ADC also called on the Arab
: states to spare no effort in the search for a formula to avoid conflict.

: ADC warned that an attack against Iraq could very easily play into the
: hands of extremists in the Middle East, giving them a political windfall
: at a time when all attention should be focused on seriously pursuing
: those responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. ADC
: pointed out that there is no reason to believe that Iraq had anything to
: do with the Sept. 11th attacks. ADC believes that the United States and
: the international community should be moving to resolve the concerns and
: grievances that are exploited by groups like Al-Qaeda, not exacerbating
: them or creating new ones.

: The people of Iraq have suffered under more than a decade of economic
: sanctions, routine bombing and international isolation, all of which
: have also fostered greater, not less, dependency on the Iraqi regime.
: Intensive diplomatic efforts are urgently needed to avoid conflict,
: address international concerns, and begin to lift the economic sanctions
: and other restrictions which have impoverished and isolated the Iraqi
: people.

: ADC welcomed the President's reassertion that "America stands committed
: to an independent and democratic Palestine, living side by side with
: Israel in peace and security," and urged him to take concrete steps to
: realize this vision.

-- Tony Zango
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