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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, September 16, 2002 at 12:43PM :

That used be the name of Andreasses news service...till I pointed out that it was less than flattering...while dead balls on accurate. He dropped the "Service"...but most of the personal stuff comes from the same place. I donīt mean the articles he lifts and graces us with...for which we are grateful...I mean his motives for providing this service...straight from what would be on other people, their hearts...while from this guy, it is indeed the other end.

He has contempt for our one of those who likes us because we are a fine example of heathen bloodthirsty savages who recanted and repented and regurgitated and came over to Christianity, nee Reformed Judaisim. I mean what would be the satisfaction of having fairly decent people switch...but, to get people like them nasty Assyrians who whomped his get scum like us to convert...THAT makes us "worthwhile".

Andreas has his uses...and I thank him for that. It`s what he does on the sly that lands him back at the Lunatic Asylum for periodic re-tooling. Scratch the surface a little and you`ll find his Nazi assed self.

And quit quoting us to us...give us a passage from "Your Kampf" instead

-- pancho
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