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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, September 16, 2002 at 12:59PM :

Christianity has played an important part in preserving our Assryian heritage in the Middle east. Divorcing christianity from our Assryian identity will result in intermarring with Kurds, Arabs, Turks, persians and undermining our exitance in the Middle East.

***Bull...thatīs what your priests have been telling you since you were first in the Diapers. We have just about been forced out of the MidEast...and increasingly so since we`ve increasingly identified with the Christians who are destroying the land and its people. They can be forgiven for disliking Christians even more since we keep reaffirming thier belief that we will betray our neighbors at the drop of a British or American hat...or bomb. We are in this country cheering on the destruction we help pay for...of the land we call our dear homeland...while also paying to protect the land your Jew lord came from. A little confused don`t you think?...or DONīT you think?

***Our existence couldn`t be more undermined in the MidEast...but that`s to be expected, as I would imagine things will get dicey for Muslims in America in the coming years.

***But the real surprise...the real shock...the wonderful little irony is that now that you people are all as happy as pigs in crap to be in CHRISTIAN lands where you will be SAFE and do nothing at all for us AS ASSYRIANS---but continue with your petty assed religions and store front is all the pride in being Assyrians? There isn`t any...and the bit of interest you can muster up for being Christian, isn`t doing us a bit of good. Our children will become Americanized...where they were being just donīt mind the one, and hate the other...but so what...our being Assyrians will die out either way.

**No, guys are all about being Christians..and nothing about being Assyrian.

-- pancho
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