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Posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 3:03AM :

Hi Lilly,

Popping over to AINA I have noticed that they seem to have scheduled you for "deprogramming" in an Assyrian MK ULTRA operation to make you join the Assyrian self-deceptive hardcore.

Though I know you can handle this Mark guy most brilliantly by insisting on substantiating, proving & consistent reasoning, by urging him towards justifying his choice of words and to sticking to simple hard facts, nevertheless the following info may be of some use for getting some hysteric utopians down to earth before they get carried away by their own illusions.

Personally I think your more realistic and sober approach will further the vital interests of Assyrians more than those "chicken hawks" do and can ever achieve.

Can't contribute over there myself 'cause I was declared "enemy of the AINA state" and had been banned from that crowd already some time ago.




[Re: Muslim Extremism: Denmark's had Enough, Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard, Aug. 27]

As Danish politicians, we are offended by the way integration problems in Denmark were portrayed by Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard and we wish to set the record straight (Muslim Extremism: Denmark's had Enough, Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard, Aug. 27).

The authors claim that 40% of Danish welfare expenses are consumed by Muslim immigrants. Denmark has a much broader spectrum of welfare costs than countries in North America. We include not only unemployment benefits and social security but also substantial allocations to housing, transport, homecare, early retirement, protected workplaces, daycare and other smaller schemes. Muslim immigrants do not receive 40% of those allocations even though they represent a substantial part of the clients. The main reason being: It is hard to compete on a job market not interested in employing immigrants.

The further assumption that more than half of all rapists in Denmark are Muslims is without any basis in fact, as criminal registers do not record religion.

Mr. Pipes and Mr. Hedegaard mention that only 5% of young Muslims in Denmark wish to marry a Dane. A sign of self-inflicted isolation, indeed. We welcome the brave 5% who accept intermarriage -- they are true pioneers for peaceful co-existence and human contact across cultures. However, the new Danish government has made it extremely difficult for Danish citizens to bring a foreign spouse to Denmark. The ruling opinion obviously is that intermarriage should be avoided.

Mr. Pipes and Mr. Hedegaard also claim that Muslim violence threatens the 6,000 Jewish citizens in Denmark. Rumours -- also hitting the front pages of major newspapers -- tell that identified Jewish Danes figure on a death list. Danish authorities consider death threats very serious, but police investigators have so far found no evidence of real threats.

During the coming decade, Denmark will need 100,000 new pairs of hands in the workforce. The Danes produce fewer children and live longer. Integration must work better and immigrants admitted to Denmark should be welcomed. On this point, we take inspiration from Canadian society, which is open to other cultures and religions.

Elisabeth Arnold and Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Members of the Danish Parliament, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Re: Multiculturalists are the Real Racists, Mark Steyn, Aug. 20.

Mr. Steyn's commentary on multiculturalism and Denmark contained at least one troubling statement, which he cites as "evidence," made by Peter Skaarup, chairman of the Danish People's Party, who is a member of Denmark's governing coalition. Mr. Skaarup states that "Three-quarters of rapes are carried out by non-Danes."

When I examined Danish crime statistics (available in Danish at, but easily translatable), I concluded that Mr. Skaarup's assertion is absolutely wrong.

In 1998, 17 of the 73 convicted Danish rapists were of foreign origin, and in 2000, 25 out of 70 convicted Danish rapists were of foreign origin, which is 23% and 35% respectively. This information would not have been difficult for Mr. Steyn to obtain, had he desired to do so.

Mr. Steyn should know better than to spread such incendiary falsehoods about vulnerable social groups.

Eric Tam, Department of Political Science, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

-- andreas
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