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Posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-68-181.LTU.EDU ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 12:58PM :

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Re: The anniversary of September 11th ( 14:42:01 Sat Sep 14 2002 )

I'm still for the whole "bandwagon patriotism" thing. I don't think that 9/11/01 brought the nation together. Maybe it brought white christians together, but that's about it. If anything, I think that we are more biased. Maybe I am wrong, but there seems to be a lot more racism and distrust towards anyone who looks vaguely middle-eastern. There also is a whole lot of Christian=Patriotic=Good sentiment going around. Many of the "Patriotic" bumper stickers that I see also say "God" on them somewhere. Yes, other religions have gods too, but I think that when a Christian puts up a sign that says "United we stand, in God we trust," they are referring to their own (ie, Christian) God.

I do not see this "Love your neighbor" thing that W. is so fond of mentioning (often in the same sentence as "hunt down the enemy") happening. People are just as cranky and rude and mean as they were before the attacks. How many times have you been cut off (or nearly run over) by a car with a "United we Stand" bumper sticker?

That being said, I'm glad that a lot of you are reading the names of the victims (and often putting faces to those names). It irritates me that some people are quite fond of repeating "Never forget, never forget," like parrots, but if asked to actually name three victims, they would draw a blank.

On a very human level, the attacks were a horrible tragedy. However, as a nation, I think that we have to let it go. Remember those who died, but remember too, that most of them would have wanted the world to go on after their deaths. And that, if so many people had to die, we should make their deaths the catalyst to better the world for those still living, rather than the catalyst for more death and destruction.

-- Jeff
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