Most important: Lack of Education of Heart

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Posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 4:58PM :

In Reply to: Re: Ask the Bishop yourself ! posted by Tony zango from ? ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 4:44PM :

Most important: Lack of Education of Heart

Please, can you show e.g. the bright segments of the Assyrian society.

I don't want to be offensive, I am only searching, searching more desperately after having experienced so many brownish to dark segments and/or sides.

And to be fair:

Alluding to Assyrian "not white" sides does not exclude the existence of some (minor and negligable) dark (points) in the German, the Mongolian, Vatican, Hindu, New Yorkian, Eskimo, Luxemburgian etc. society ... , of course

But, you knew that before, didn't you?

: Lack of education/superficiality and being in dark is in many segements of our socities.

: : Ask the Bishop yourself !

: : And:
: : Admiration is not enough ...

: : A bloody detail:
: : Had a conversation with an Assyrian Priest (qasha) of the Assyrian Church of the East in the last weeks.

: : He opined any strike against Iraq would be only like a necessary surgery, worth the cost of lives - if only Assyrians get better living conditions.
: : What reminds me of Albright's dictum.

: : Vultures in search for "collateral benefits"?

: : What do you think ?

: : : I admire the bishop for taking a stand, but he's no Jonathan Swift.

: : : As far as the post that I made about the British, that was of course sarcasm. It's such a shame that their government, like the US gov't, no longer acts in the interests (or with the input) of the people.

: : : One can only hope that more bloodshed will be averted.

-- andreas
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