Re: Sons of Ashur... don't we need more of these?

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 5:14PM :

In Reply to: Sons of Ashur... don't we need more of these? posted by ashuroyo from ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 2:12PM :

I detected that macho aspect in you in Chicago years ago...the idea that Assyrians can fight back. We canīt. We have nothing but blood and guts and no brains. Our days of fighting these kinds of wars are over...only we donīt know it. Surrounded by to being used by the West...our dear co-religionists...all these fine young men would be spit out in no time. I know it pleases our wounded pride and hurt masculinity to picture ourselves striding into the sunset barrels smoking.

Every young man you see here will kill another young man...every one of them will make a widow and several orphanss...and make of his own parents and children victims.

You are playing with fire. I wont kill anyone...and I wont play with was guns that killed us...why would I use them?

It is also can you get an education and not realize that without doing any of the ten thousand civilized things there are to be done for our Heritage...civilized but boring...we show only our idiocy by grabbing rifles and smiling for the cameras.

Che told American students who trekked to the mountains in Cuba to help go back to Washington where he couldnīt go and stalk the halls of Congress instead of the paths of the Sierra you think he wanted to live like a rat and hide and march and kill young soldiers who had no idea of politics aside from geting few measely coins to feed themselves with?

I hope you get over this manly fixation and get down to work. REAL MEN DONīT KILL.

-- panch
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