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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 6:26PM :

something is wrong...they are letting assyrians post over there who don´t agree with them or like´d think they were in America.

....After Saddam seized power...the people of Iraq enjoyed the greatest prosperity they´d ever known. Then as now...several of our young heroes talked about taking back THEIR country...something no government will tolerate. But for others...those who lived by the law of the land...times were good. Remembering of course that even in America children go to bed hungry...the innocent are persecuted and executed, the jails are filled to overflowing...minorities are discriminated against and women still don´t receive equal pay for equal work.

It was the prosperity of that region, and the unwillingness to toe the American government line that caused all hell to break loose. The United States spurred Saddam on to attack Iran...after helping to put the mullahs there...after that it aided Saddam and kept that war going till the population in both countries was devastated and both had lost billions.

It is not Saddam´s policies that have ruined is the United States government that has done it. They just know how to cover their tracks and no one cares much as long as the times they are good...for Americans...including the Assyrians who collaborate in the destruction of their "dear" Homeland...while defending the land of "their" Jew lord.


-- panch
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