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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Thursday, September 19, 2002 at 9:58AM :

In Reply to: Re: Exposing the real causes posted by Turkish Delight from ? ( on Thursday, September 19, 2002 at 2:13AM :

oh good!

at least we agree that Religion isn't the major issue but rather Corporate Greed.
I call it Corporate and you call it Capitalism/imperialism.


: No, Christian Iraq would not have been treated any different because capitalist/imperialism greed could careless about the religion; It is interested only in aggrandizing and sustaining its own wealth and whenever there is a rich and vulnerable target to exploit, it will do anything to devour it. Have we forgotten what the US capitalism has done to our "Christian" brothers in Latin America (and never forget Cuba!) for the last century? We need to understand capitalism and imperialism in order to have a better perspective on what is happening in the world. When we put things in the religious frame, Capitalism will have succeeded in confounding our reality. Does fabrication of "false consciousness” by the oppressor ring the bell? Hello, Karl: where are you?

: :
: : I wonder if Iraq would have been treated different if they the official religion was Christianity instead of Islam?

: : ____________________________________________

: : : I don`t defend it, any more than I attack Christianity or Judaisim. What I want is justice and fair play for all. My children can`t be safe in this world if everyone elses aren`t also. When people post hate filled lies about Islam, it reduces the chances of the truth being told about Christianity...about Assyrians...about anyone.

: : : We are beset by people in all these three religions who hate each other...who propagandize and create whole lies intended to cast the others in the worst light while attempting to clean up their own act. And the people who fall for this stuff are by definition the least educated, the most prone to be filled to the brim with prejudice and race-hatred...who will not bother to explore and discover for themselves, so long as whatever they are told is pleasing to their vanity and xenophobia.

: : : I explain Islam...I point out the errors we spread about it, what the Koran says, what their Prophet stood for, how people used Islam to mask their own cruelty and greed...because I don´t want someone on the other side doing the same thing about us...about Christianity or Ashur or America. When you stand up for a are defending yourself in the best possible way..otherwise you merely add to the ignorance and hatred which breeds the violence that can claim your own child´s life and your own.

: : : There is no good reason at all to kill people who have a different Faith...none. Yet that is what our own fundamentalists are all about...including Bush, Ashcroft and the rest. These people REALLY believe they are Good and the others are Evil. They´ve denied it till now...tried to appear balanced and fair...but there is nowhere else to go now...they HAVE to reveal their true intentions..what they were building up for.

: : : White America feels it is being overrun by heathens..including our own Christians from those strange countries. Mexicans, Pakistanis, Greeks, Arabians...all of them are coming to America and transforming the country from a white dominataed one to a multi-ethnic place...and the whites need Uncle Toms like Powell and Thomas and Peter The Rabid and "Ross" Jatou...need them as a smokescreen so we wont see the White Massa`s hands behind it.

: : : Be fair, and you can expect the same in return. Indeed...if anyone wanted to utterly destroy they few of us left...they would encourage us to form a military force and go fight in BetNahrain..they would try to inflame us with bitter memories and seek to make us demand revenge...they would rub at our wounds and remind us of every atrocity...they would downply all attempts at reconcilliation and co-existence...they would ban anyone who sought to be fair, to present a balanced approach...they would do all of this with the intention of making us strong...even though the opposite would be the case as we would once again walk into the propellar blades.

: : : And in the West they would do nothing to stop our assimilation...indeed they would lead the way by chganging their own names to get fit in and blend...and they would make such headache producing organizations that their own children would run screaming in the night...anything to get away. And, of course, they would fight like hell to undermine anyone who tried to make us strong or well known in these Western countries...for fear it would mean giving up on the lands they think they can recover by demanding all over the if begging was the way these things got done.

: : : It`s a good thing I am not a Christian...or anything else but Assyrian. I understand these things our ancestors did.

-- Tony
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