"Last week in Palestine"

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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, September 19, 2002 at 12:34PM :

Here is an update from the Palestine Monitor and Law. Jewish Voices for Peace and Bill Thompson circulated this.


Palestine Monitor
Last week in Palestine
6 September - 12 September 2002

Yet another week has passed with the Israeli army and government not changing policy or acts in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Curfew was imposed on all the major towns in the West Bank with thousands of Palestinians prisoners in their own homes and cities. In Nablus Israeli soldiers opened fire on a man driving a neighbour to hospital; he was wounded, and unable to drive, the car crashed. Other civilians daring to step out of their homes were also fired upon; on Wednesday soldiers injured six people in Nablus and four in Jenin when they opened fire on them.

Soldiers also continued their attacks on Jenin city and refugee camp with the areas coming under fire, and tanks destroying streets and public property.

The all too familiar attacks on areas of the Gaza Strip also continued unabated, with troops invading Beit Lahiya, Deir Al-Balah, Khan Younis and Beit Hanoun, destroying houses and wounding unarmed civilians.

In the northern areas of the West Bank land confiscation intensified. Olive and almond trees were bulldozed in the Tulkaram area, and other towns in the vicinity have had their lands surveyed - the first act in the process of confiscation. Trees in an area of over two kilometres where uprooted in order for the Israeli military to build a Berlin type wall to separate Israel from Palestine. This illegal process has been under way for some time, however the speed and level of destruction have recently been upscaled.

Palestinians killed this week: 6
Total number of Palestinians killed since September 2000: 1878
LAW: The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment Weekly Round-up

Israel annexes Rachel Tomb in Bethlehem to Greater Jerusalem thus violating the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, Security Council's Resolutions 242 and 338, and the Palestinian-Israeli Agreements.
Israel's minister of the interior decides to revoke Israeli citizenship from a Palestinian Israeli.
Israel's chief of staff admits army's knowledge that Shihada's wife was with him when he was extra judicially executed.
Israeli troops kill two Palestinians in Khan Yunis and two Palestinian police officers in Jenin
Israeli troops continue to use excessive force against Palestinians
Israeli troops continue to arrest Palestinians at military roadblocks
Israeli troops kill five Palestinians during the week covered by this Roundup
1. Jamal Abu Shaloof, 18
2. Atiya Al Kashif, 24
3. Kamil Al Salawi, 22
4. Sameer Kandeel, 28
5. Mahmoud Harfoush, 31

Excessive Use of Force:
Israeli troopsstationed at Abu Holy roadblock south Dir Al Balah in Gaza Strip opened fire on Palestinians waiting to cross on Thursday afternoon, September 5, 2002. 17-year-old Mutaz Abu Arida was moderately wounded in the left shoulder. On Sunday, September 8, Israeli troops made an incursion into Beit Likia west Ramallah, imposed a curfew, and opened indiscriminate fire on civilians wounding 16-year-old Bilal Abdul Munim in right knee; he was admitted to hospital in Ramallah.

Abdul Munim told LAW that Israeli troops were hiding in the alleys of the village when they attacked him and beat him before he managed to escape but one of the troops shot him in the knee before he could get away.

Israeli troops opened fire on 46-year-old Ghalia Yunis near Morag settlement in Gaza Strip. The Palestinian lady was shot in the legs. She is in serious condition, according to Palestinian medical resources.


Israeli forces shelled Rafah on Thursday wounding 41-year-old Hilmi Abu Jazar in the left shoulder, 15-year-old Shirin Nana'a in the back, and Mohammad and Bilal Barood (15 and 17 respectively). Khan Yunis came under Israeli fire midnight Thursday when two Apaches fired air-to-surface missiles at a metal workshop destroying it and devastating the nearby residential area. According to PCHR, doors, and windows of neighboring homes were shattered in addition to doors and windows of nearby school and a furniture store.

On Saturday, September 7, Rafah came under Israeli fire again wounding two Palestinians.

On Sunday evening (September 8), Israeli troops shelled Khan Yunis and nearby village of Al Karara, no casualties were reported. Khan Yunis was shelled again few hours later and 32-year-old Hala Abdul Majeed, a pregnant woman, was wounded. The shelling devastated several civilian properties.

Israeli troops killed two Palestinians east of Khan Yunis on Sunday as they were trying to enter Israel in search of work. According to PCHR, the incident occurred when Israeli tanks fired two tank shells on the two Palestinians trying to enter Israel in search of work. They were killed instantly. Israeli troops made an incursion into the area of the incident. The two Palestinians were identified as Jamal Abu Shaloof (18) and Atiya Al Kashif (24). PCHR researcher confirmed that Israeli troops could have easily stopped the two Palestinians instead of using excessive and disproportionate force and kill them.

Israeli forces incursions into Palestinian areas

Israeli forces raided Jenin on Thursday morning and wounded three Palestinians. Israeli troops also made an incursion into Beit Lahia in Gaza Strip and raided a primary school where they held students captives and turned the upper floor into a military post. According to PCHR, Israeli tanks besieged the primary school (Hamza Bin Abdul Mutalab Primary School) and held 293 student and their teachers captives. The troops searched the school and wreaked havoc. Israeli troops withdrew after a number of hours leaving destruction at the primary school.

Also on Thursday, Israeli forces raided a maternal healthcare center in Beit Lahia holding patients and doctors in captivity. According to physician Mohammad Yaghi, Israeli troops held medical personnel at the pharmacy of the healthcare center for a number of hours before they pulled out.

On Friday, September 6, Israeli troops raided Al Zababdi near Jenin and arrested 23-year-old Rajai Fayad who works for the district cooperation office. Also on Friday, Israeli troops killed two Palestinian police officers. According to LAW and eyewitnesses' accounts, 22-year-old Kamil Al Salawi and 28-year-old Sameer Kandeel where shot near a building east Jenin. Israeli troops left the two wounded police officers to bleed to death. According to medical resources, both Palestinians were shot fifteen times each by a revolver in the head and legs. Marks of beatings with sharp tools appeared on the neck and face.

Israeli troops raided Jenin on Friday afternoon wounding 13-year-old Ghadeer Al Kilani in the right shoulder. The girl was playing near her home when she was shot, according to LAW's researcher. Five Palestinians were also wounded in the Israeli forces' raid.

Israeli troops attacked the funeral procession of Al Salawi and Kandeel in Jenin wounding 15-year-old Ahmad Ateek in the right hand.

Israeli troops attacked Dir Al Balah midday Friday and blew away PA institutions. They also destroyed a workshop and a house belonging to Saber Abu Rabee' after evacuating its residents. According to PCHR researcher, the explosion caused severe damage to nine nearby homes. Six Palestinians including four brothers were arrested and taken to an unknown destination.

Early Saturday morning (September 7), Israeli troops entered Beit Lahia destroying the walls of Al Waha Resort; the resort was searched and its guards were locked up in a room. Jihad Al Sawarki, who lives near the Resort, told PCHR that Israeli troops forced him to leave his house and to walk in front of them carrying a loudspeaker. When they reached an uninhabited house, they ordered him to call its residents but he informed them that the house was vacant. However, Al Sawarki was used as a human shield by the troops who searched the vacant house. Israeli tanks destroyed approximately 2 acres of agricultural land during their raid. The land belonged to Hasan Al 'Attar. The troops also knocked down a fence surrounding the land of Younis Al 'Attar.

Also, on Saturday, Israeli troops made and incursion into Dir Al Balah and raided Muhammad Shu'ayb's house, wreaked havoc inside the house and destroyed the main door. The troops arrested Shu'ayb before pulling out.

Israeli troops also made an incursion into the village of Al Fukhari near Khan Yunis and destroyed 25 acres of olive groves, almonds, palm, and vine trees on Saturday. They also destroyed two water wells and agricultural facilities.

On the same day (Saturday), Israeli troops assaulted Palestinian children at Al 'Amari refugee camp using rubber-coated metal bullets injuring three who were later admitted to Al Sheikh Zayed hospital. Israeli troops also made an incursion into Dir Al Balah; they raided Ahmad Baraki's house and besieged it residents and transferred the roof into a military outpost. Israeli bulldozers then destroyed 11.5 acres of agricultural land belonging to Palestinian civilians.

On Sunday morning, (September 8, 2002), Israeli forces made an incursion into Tulkarem and broke into Isam Albardweel's house. Isam and two of his guests from Nablus were detained.

Israeli forces opened fire on 25-year-old Tarek A'bhara from Jenin while walking in the town center on Sunday. A'bhara was hit in the leg and admitted to Jenin Hospital. According to medical sources, he sustained moderate injury.

Israeli troops made an incursion into Al Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza Strip on Sunday destroying approximately 25 acres of Palestinian agricultural land. Israeli troops also made incursions into three refugee camps in the Wusta District in Gaza Strip. They opened indiscriminate fire on residential home. According to PCHR, the incursions occurred at Dir Al Balah destroying electric supplies and at Al Bureje and Al Nuserat refugee camps. Seven Palestinians were injured; one injury was described as critical.

Israeli troops blew away Jaber Mahmoud's house after ordering its residents to evacuate it on Sunday. Israeli troops claim that Jaber's son Mahmoud (32) was wanted by Israel.

On Tuesday morning, September 10, 2002, Israeli troop raided Betunia west Ramallah, besieged a building where a PA institution was located. Eyewitnesses stated that Israeli troops imposed curfew on the area using loudspeakers and then opened fire at the building. The troops then broke into the building wounding two Palestinians who were taken in an Israeli ambulance. A third Palestinian named Harfoush was killed in the Israeli attack.

Israeli troops raided Jenin on the same day and destroyed two houses belonging to Yunis, 20, and Saleh Hasanein, 40. The houses were located at Al Basateen quarter in the middle of the city. The two Palestinians were taken into custody. Hasanein's parents stated that they were arrested to force their 'wanted' brother Murad, 22, to surrender.

Israeli troops raided Lu'ay Abdo's house in Al Qasabeh quarter in Nablus on Tuesday. They fired gunshots causing severe panic to Abdo's wife and children. Abdo was taken into custody.

In the evening (Tuesday), Israeli troops raided Yata south Hebron and opened fire on residential homes wounding 11 Palestinian children. The injured were: Rashad Abu Taha, 13, seriously hit by metal bullet in the head that led to broken skull and caused severe bleeding.
Amjad Al Jundi, 10, seriously hit by metal bullet in the head that led to broken skull and caused severe bleeding.
Rajeh Abu Qbeita, 9, hit in the left leg
Hamzeh Abu 'Ilayyan, 11, hit in the left leg
Muhannad Abu Sabha, 16, hit in the right shoulder
Saleem Maghnam, 10, hit in the left leg
Iyyad Ibrahim Abu Zahra, 12, hit in the left hand
Iyyad Muhammad Abu Zahra, 11, hit twice in the left arm
Rami Al Srei', 15, hit in the right arm
Saleem Maghnam, 16, hit in the right leg
Bajes Hamamdeh, 18, hit in the left arm

Collective Punishment:
On Thursday evening, September 5, 2002, Israeli troops handed house evacuation orders to four Palestinian families in Silwan and Ras Al 'Amoud in Jerusalem. The houses belonged to:
Wa'el Qasem, 31, from Ras Al 'Amoud
Muhammad Odeh, 29, from Silwan
Ala' Al 'Abbasi, 30, from Silwan
Wisam Al 'Abbasi, from Silwan

Detention & Maltreatment:
Early Thursday morning, (September 5, 2002), Israeli troops assaulted Jama'een south Nablus, broke into the houses of Hamdallah Ali and Bilal Sliman, and took them to an unknown destination. Additionally, Israeli troops raided Beit 'Ula west Hebron and arrested Ahmad Masalmeh and took him to an unknown destination.

On the same day (Thursday), Israeli troops raided Sureef north Hebron and broke into a number of Palestinian homes, arrested two and took them to unknown destination:
Sa'eed 'Abed, 29, school teacher
Arsalan Abu Khdeir, 30, lecturer at Al Najah University

On Monday morning, September 9, 2002, Israeli troops raided 'Asira Al Shamaliyi in Nablus attacking Ali Jararaa's house and arrested his sons Ali, 27, Imad, 25, Ala', 22, and Muhammad, 20. They were taken to Huwara detention center south Nablus. Both Ala' and Muhammad were released on the next day, however, the other two brothers remain at Israeli detention.

On Tuesday morning, September 10, 2002, Special Israeli Forces arrested 34-year-old Bassam Al Battat from Al Thahriyeh south Hebron and took him to unknown destination. LAW's researcher stated that Al Battat was arrested while leaving home on his way to Al Thahriyeh School where he teaches.

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