Rod "Bombs Away" Blagojevich

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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, September 21, 2002 at 7:24AM :

In Reply to: Worst Fascist Crowd Supporting(?) Assyrians posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, September 21, 2002 at 3:11AM :

Excerpt from Rod "Bombs Away" Blagojevich' record:

Editorials: Say ''No'' To Republicrats
Posted on Monday, September 16 @ 20:38:02 CDT by dbreuer

Commentary from Chicago Independent Media Center
by Bob Schwartz
11:44am Mon Sep 16 '02

" Jim Ryan is not a candidate for Illinois' "working families." No disagreement there. But is Rod "Bombs Away" Blagojevich any better. His record tells me that he is not.

(1) Blagojevich voted for the War OF Terror that may soon roll into Iraq, where more children and other Iraqis will be killed to benefit big oil. He supported all of the billions in increased military appropriations to fund US aggression.

(2) Blagojevich voted for the USA Patriot Act which has been used to target Muslims, Arabs and South Asians with detentions without charge, secret supposed evidence, deportations, freezing of assets, etc.

(3) Blagojevich voted no funds for the UN Criminal Court that might bring war criminals to trial. No war criminals like Henry Kissinger harbored here, right Rod?

(4) Blagojevich voted for the new Bush-proposed Department of Homeland Security with its antilabor component. Rod put security as defined by John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge and George Bush before worker's rights. Remember, Ridge has threatened West Coast dockworkers with jail if they strike.
Thanks, Rod.

(5) Blagojevich is for the racist Illinois death penalty, even rejecting the reduction in number of crimes to which the penalty currently applies as proposed by the George Ryan "reform" commission. Why not ask Rod for his position on George Ryan's threat to commute all death sentences.

(6) Finally, Blagojevich has declared himself opposed to gay marriage, thus proving that he is not beholden to any gay agenda as charged by his opponent. I take him at his word on that one.

To hell with both Ryan and Rod.

Use direct action to push whoever wins in our direction. Work for a party of labor that will represent the interests of working women and men."

-- andreas
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