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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Tuesday, September 24, 2002 at 1:30PM :

of a Misogynist

compiled by Mahanidhi dasa

1. He thinks that his masculinity depends on
dominating women.

2. He feels powerful by subjugating women.

3. His emotional security depends on women being

4. He wants to insure that women are less powerful
than he.

5. He controls women by destroying their

6. He is unnecessarily critical of women.

7. He intimidates women by finding faults with

8. He humiliates women in public and devalues
their opinions.

9. He sees encounters with or about women as a
battle to be won.

10. He must always win in a discussion
with or about women.

11. He blames women for failings that are not
related to them.

12. He blames women for his own failings and

13. He accuses women of being too sensitive if they
get upset with him.

14. He will confuse issues by changing the subject.

15. He will confuse issues by denial or word

16. He will confuse issues by acting as if nothing
happened after it did.

17. He belittles or ignores women s

18. He denies her feelings and makes her wrong for
feeling them.

19. He is condescending, taunting, jeering, or angry
toward her.

20. He is hostile, aggressive, contemptuous, or cruel
to her.

21. He makes derogatory comments about women
in general.

22. He wants to punish women when they displease

23. He has no remorse or guilt for the pain he
causes women.

24. He is in anxiety about women and meditates on

25. He forces women not to do things that they re
qualified to do.

26. He selectively quotes authorities to substantiate
his position.

Misogyny is a mental disorder that requires therapy.
If someone you know has some or all of the above
symptoms, humbly request that person to find
qualified treatment for their condition.

CHAKRA 4-Dec-98

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