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Posted by Tony from ( on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 3:07AM :

In Reply to: Re: Tony, shut up! posted by Stella from ? ( on Tuesday, September 24, 2002 at 7:07PM :

Lilly gave you few suggestions already.

The most hassle free suggestions and fun doing it would be:

** Fund raising at your local colleges and universities?

** How about a Door to Door Appeal.
** How about Sunday Bazar.
** Bake Sale
** Pot Luck
** Car Wash
** Selling cookies
** Selling chocolate
** Auction
** Poetry
** Selling Mugs, t-shirts,.. throughout the North America.

Let me if you need more idea...

This is how you revive people spirit.

: In our community in chicago, people respond most to parties when it comes to fundraising.

**** Thats just fucked up. Think about it. common sense.

We don't "do " telethons just yet, we dont' "do" auctions just yet, (not to say that we shouldn't, because those are GREAT ways to raise $).

*** And Why Not?

: Got any other suggestions on how to raise money for this girl? I'm asking sincerely.

: : Tony,
: : Do you suppose our community has any other way of raising money? Not in our present state... no way Jose.

: : YOU try getting 600 Assyrians to donate $50 to save the life of a little girl and see how far you get!

-- Tony
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