Iraq debate on NPR

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, October 10, 2002 at 8:26PM :

It was very interesting to hear this stuff live. A lot of the "patriotic" people talking about the "threats" of "weapons of mass destruction", etc. but I heard a few sane voices. One senator, from West Virginia, an old man gets up and says that he made this mistake when he voted for the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and has regretted it ever since... he carries around a copy of the constitution in his pocket and he made several historical references that probably went way over the heads of most of the senators there... very wise guy. Apparently they decided to limit him to an hour - he must have been making too much sense.

Another passionate senator, a democrat, said something like "we are turning our backs on 20 centuries of moral and political progress"... the sane people were definitely in the minority.

In other news I read stores about Anti-war protestors who were specifically against the war in Iraq... mostly white Americans and Church groups... who were arrested in Washington DC. It's interesting to be living during the making of the beast, watching it happen, and knowing that there's nothing you can do.

Remember the article which stated that congresspeople and senators are getting 100 letters and calls against war for every 1 pro-war call? I wonder how many of them supported this new resolution which clearly shits on the constitution, then sets it on fire.

It's so funny. In this one class we learn about the makings of America... how it was formed, the debates that went into the constitution, bill of rights, and how the early American government formed and changed over the years... and then we compare it to today and the founders would just die all over again if they could see it now.

-- Jeff
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