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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 12:31PM :

In Reply to: Losing Focus posted by AssyriansVote4Peace from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 0:51AM :

No one wants to win any modern war...least of all the United States. You must have your tongue in cheek if you seriously think the war on terror is meant to target people outside the United States...Osama and the rest are bit players...the real target is the American people and institutions that stand in the way of hegemony...that's when the Repubs and Dems drop the facade of being "two" parties and we all float off to a happy ordered society with fabricated "issues" that can reach "closure" in time for Monday Night Football, and the like. It is a Southern Cracke'rs idea of a "just" society,,,of the "good" life.

The terror nonsense was manufactured as much as any commie threat ever was. The United States "wins" wars by conducting them...with the goal being the suppression of the freedoms and checks and balances that keep these bastards from from selling us all at a profit.

They want unrestricted means to any resource that can be used to turn more bucks for them...and our Constitution has ways of preventing that. Only by keeping us scared out of our wits can they overturn those provisons. No one wants to win this "war". They want to beat the Constitution...and you can see they are much further along than they would have been had there been no Osama and the rest of that cast and crew,

How else is Bush gonna be a great leeder if he doesn't scare us out of our five wits first?

-- panch
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