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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 8:57AM :

In Reply to: A Year of Loss I posted by AssyrianVoices4Peace from ( on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 10:53PM :

Islam, Muslim Terrorists...don't pose a threat to the CEO"s of America. What threatens their "way of life" are the clean air and water regulations...emissions standards, logging bans...the EPA and consumer groups and tough laws protecting the environment and consumers...laws for campaign reform etc. THESE are the 'enemies" of the kind of" America" corporate america other words the American People and that pesky Constitution are the real enemies.

And we sort of feel that way too cause they've convinced us all that we can share in their wealth, if we'll just agree to gut the principles that made us what we were. They couldn't get away with it if we didn't help them by falling for this stuff in the first no patent medicine salesman could have fooled people if they didn't want to be fooled so badly.

And look at the wars waged against American citizens by their own government...look at the stock scandals and the wasted lives of soldiers in silly corporate wars overseas...yes boys and girls, the American People and their ability to pass laws to protect their own quality of Life...IS THE ENEMY....not some bearded guy in a towel and sandals running round the hills ten thousand miles away.

But getting us to look the other way...THAT is the challenge of "diplomacy"...and Bush has been GREAT at it because he knows how to push our FEAR button...when he and his pals are the ones we should be mortally afraid of. Instead they've got us "afraid" of the document that was drawn up expressly to protect us. We just never dreamed we'd need protecting from our own president...but then who could have thought we'd need protecting from our own bosses and corporations...or that the Market would be the place where so many American lives would be lost.

This all would be so easy to easy.

-- panch
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