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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 2:44PM :

In Reply to: You are probably there right now...tell me all ab posted by Jeff from ? ( on Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 2:23PM :

I think lawyers all like each other...they've got it good no matter what. It was all Shawn could do to keep from throwing his arms around me and weeping down my neck...Ardell was happy to see me too. For them it's a cakewalk...if we get to will be no fun for their clients. I hadn't managed to snag Nimrod yet the judge had no choice but to impose a $150.00 fine against me, which she stayed...means I don't have to pay it yet. If by the 10th of December I haven't done due dilligence by now publishing in the newspapers and some other things...then she has to sever Nimrod from the case and we move on.

She has to or else people would be jerking each other around. So now we go to a "skip search"..usually reserved for motorcycle hoods and habitual crimminals...they go through Motor Registration and other sources and then they camp outside your door till they snag you.

But actually, if truth be told...I wouldn't mind at all dropping Nimrod and then suing him in his home town. For one thing I can call the people in the Art Council as witnesses to what this jerk did.

Lincoln Bejan's lawyer...Ardell Johnson, asked for a demurrer...that means they demure...they want proof to be presented to the judge as to why Lincoln is included in the suit. I can give them what I have...that the check that paid the donation to Hammurabi was signed by Lincoln and not she was no part of the deal when he and I spoke...though I'm sure she turned him upside down and shook him vigorously. Also the land swindle deal was worked out between Lincoln and I...except Jackie was there when he insisted he be allowed to buy in. Either he joined her in changing the story...or she lied around him.

Either way, Lincoln worked it with Jackie, or didn't stop her...though a runaway frieght train would be easier to stop...and they are involved in the AAA which is a part of the Federation.

As such he helped them all in their effort to slime me and make it appear that I am a swindler and don't pay back loans...or would even ask them for a loan. Why would I when they buy sculpture from Jackie did after the so-called loan that she asked me "repeatedly" to repay it. Come on!

This will go through some more twists and turns until we finally get to court...I'll know more after the Case Management Conference on the 10th of December.

Then back on the 21st of January for the demurer where Ardell will try to get Lincoln taken off...and my cross complaint tossed out. Even if that should happen...even...we'd still have to go to trial for her lawsuit...something I sure as hell want to do.

Knowing Jackie she wont drop anything...once she gets her teeth on your nuts she wont let go. Not even if I had to pay her a quarter...I wouldn't settle. Haven't got THAT kind of money.

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