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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 3:41PM :

In Reply to: If Christians Were All Alike, They Would Be One.. posted by Ashur Bar Ninvayah from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 2:17PM :

: I'm not hiding behind a label. Yes, I screw up and when I screw I am not afraid to admit it and to get bashed for it, which you seem to be enjoying.

+++No, YOU enjoy guys are like that. "Testifying" for the know...Christ suffer...ipsi and Christ are "one".

But when you don't believe in anything, except yourself, that is when you really don't have to take responsibility for what you think, say or do.

+++I believe in the mystery of Creation and the Universe...I do NOT believe that any god spoke to a bunch of shephards and goatherds 2000 years ago and said anything worth the bother...certainly not worth the murder. Besides...Assyrians had far brighter people long before a jew carpenter was born...are you kidding me?

+++I stop at the mystery because I know this puny brain of mine can't even begin to conceive the infinite...I stop...and a whole pack of fools rush right by me and start "explaining" what they just said was a mystery and ruin the whole thing with their Adams and Eves...take-out ribs...fishes and loaves...devil streams and hills and the whole lot of nonsesne you guys had to come up with to scare the shit out of pig ignorant people who didn't know what soap was for...were afraid of water and thought the earth was flat.

+++It's a mystery, that's all...and ANYONE who tries to go farther to explain it away to their benefit is a charlatan and potential murderer. I don't understand how a blade of grass turns dirt, water and sunshine into glucose and lives off of it. That's miracle enough...and I'll be goddamned if anyone is going to give me a fairy tale about how it started, what for, and where it's going to.

+++You boys turn genuine mystery into carnival tricks and cheap magic. YOU are the ones who invent gods out of your own heads...explain his family to him on the phone, split hairs and people's are the ones relying on the dumb ass dogmas they funneled into you...YOU are the ones afraid of what is truly Godly and of the Holy Spirit...turning it into partisan politics like tariff duties...another thing you "spiritual" types are willing to kill for.

: To do that and look back at your life when you reach the end of it, would seem rather futile and empty to me, unless of course you believe you are God...

++++I don't worry about it. I could care less what comes long as I don't go to heaven and meet more conservatives there. It's a mystery...that's all...and it should be enough for anyone who isn't a scoundrel at heart.

: Ashur


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