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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 2:19PM :

In Reply to: Movie on the Children of Iraq-CHICAGO posted by Stella from ? ( on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 1:43PM :

Stella, if you can lobby for a public showing to whoever's in charge of those events, & if this hasn't been done, already, I *definitely* recommend a public screening of this film: "Forum for Iraq" from Voices in the Wilderness (I can't find an order form for it online, so you may have to go to the VitW headquarters there in Chicago to purchase it or call them - if the title is off, it's the one w/ Scott Ritter telling what happened during the inspections). It's got some really good stuff on it!

Ritter basically says that the US gov't used the UN weapons inspectors as "feelers" for Iraq's weapons facilities. The inspectors, according to Ritter, were completely clueless about what their information was being used for. What they would catalogue (they took down serial numbers for every machine they came across) & pinpoint via GPS (location was charted of the machines they came across so that if things were shifted around suspiciously, the inspectors would know immediately - that never happened), the US military would inevitably target. The US gov't also targeted Saddam directly many times since the end of the Gulf "War." The inspectors were sent to his abodes, & they would detail the layout. The US gov't would target Saddam's bedroom the night he was expected at one of his abodes. That was not an open policy back then (remember?). So, Saddam's been directly in the US gov'ts crosshairs even since the end of the Gulf "War" & throughout the Clinton administration. So, if one looks at the situation: our gov't was imposing sanctions which they knew were harmful not to Saddam, but to the people (weakens them in every way imaginable) AFTER destroying the civilian infrastructure (hospitals, electrical plants, water treatment plants, etc.), our gov't was also trying to take out Saddam. This puts an interesting twist on the state of affairs. It is easy to come to the conclusion that, after the Gulf War, the US was seeking to take out Saddam & impose another leader on a people who would be too weak to have a say in the matter.

This also makes me think that there is good reason to have Chalabi, someone the US gov't & the rest of the world knows is corrupt, as their "main guy." If the US gov't puts him in charge, they can take him out at any time, using the excuse that he's corrupt, too.

-- Lilly
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