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Posted by Junglest of Them All from ( on Monday, November 11, 2002 at 1:07PM :

In Reply to: US officers who think critically! posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, November 11, 2002 at 12:33PM :

There has been a quiet takeover of the American political and with it the military machinery. Unlike the other side, I don`t accuse them of being "Un-American...we have lots of low life shitty need to to do as our patriots do, call everyone they don`t agree with a traitor.

"Patriotism is the final resting place of the scoundrel." How true. In this country there are conservative "Think Tanks" where people are paid to plan long range thought it all just sort of happened? Thèy pose a problem, or state an objective..."how to roll back women`s rights"..."how to keep Blacks down" to tighten laws that give too much freedom" to felons, or suspected felons, or people who OUGHT to be felons" to "streamlinešthe Constitution for "todays reality", how to maintain White Rights...and on and on.

They decided some time back that scaring the public was the best way to proceed, all around. They scared us with "Junglebunnies" marrying our chocolate isn`t what every kid wants... "Internationalism", then the "Socialist" Labor Movement, Wobblies and all that, which blended in nicely with a fear of Communism that just about unhinged us as a nation...from that day on we`ve become a fragmented People afraid of our neighbors, our shadows, our own glorious Constitution, even our own children.

They knew damn well Communism as a political movement was no threat, knew that what the Soviets had going was no Communism of any kind,just a thousand Czars where they`d had one... as they know now that Terrorism has been made to order to take up the slack in the Fear more talk of a Cold War Dividend...not while we`re being convinced to mortgage ourselves all over again...and when this bugaboo falls...they`ll tell us that THEY saved us, failing to mention that THEY also went a long way to bringing us the disease AND charging us through the nose for the cure.

What they`ve really wanted to gain was first of all Tax Cuts...but they can`t just come out and say it`s for the rich, so they have to make the rich people "folks" just like us...convince us that when the rich have more money we`ll benefit as well, through their generosity or just their greed in hiring us to acquire even more wealth for themselves.

They also want desperately to gain control of the Judicial Branch, hence all the "crime wave" nonsense and the "get tough" stance...all those stories about "Country Club" prisons and being "soft" on offenders...making life cushy for "welfare queens", a title that suits Martha Stewart really well these days.

They`ve used religion too...that was one of their brainier and most cynnical conceptions. Not a one of the pricks or prickettes is religious by any stretch of the imagination, unless you think saints should have four eyebrows, like Tammy Faye Baker. Bring God back into America and other such winsome ideas led their charge. They hide behind god, behind his tax exempt`d he do that?...behind the simplistic dribble that issues from most mush filled religious minds...the "our prayers are with you" bunch who gather at the stake to lament the loss of your precious soul...and toast marshmallows as your "worthless" body goes up in smoke.

It`s political...all of it. Ashcroft wants to define what being American is...and to him and Peter the Rabid...I am no American, neither are many of us. But I`ll be more gracious...I`ll admit they`re Americans...just the shit-can kind. It takes all kinds in America, just as anywhere else. These guys are bigots, white bigots, we know them of old...and Belafonte had it right, they`ve got their House Niggers in Powell, Condi and Thomas, to name a few.

It`s in the younger generation`s hands. When Vietnam came along there was no voice of dissent in the nation...they really thought they had us marching as one. Turns out we weren`t as smart as we thought we were...our mistake was in buying into a system that still had enough hidden claws and sex appeal to attach our fortunes to what it said had to be its own. America wasn`t designed to be a Bully...wasn`t meant to pre-emptively attack people who never did it any harm. We go from starting as one of the best, most hopefull signposts for Humanity to becomming the dregs of the Power Types...the ones who dare anyone to question their right to do as they different than the old Baron who used his Droit de Signeur to rape any bride on her wedding night.

This has been a shameful fifty years...and we all did it.

-- Junglest of Them All
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