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Bloodthirsty Big Bird
Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Saturday, October 2 2004, 17:01:37 (CEST)
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This Hymn is of the Neo-Assyrian period (ca. 8/7th century BC).

"You [the Assyrian King] opened your mouth and cried:
Hear me, O Asshur !
I heard your cry.
I issued forth as a firey glow from the gate of heaven, to hurl down fire and have it devour them...
I drove them up the mountain and RAINED (HAIL) STONES AND FIRE OF HEAVEN UPON THEM."

(Simo Parpola, Assyrian Prophecies, State Archives of Assyria, Vol. IX, Helsinki Univ. Press, 1997)

Now I see that Big Bird had graduated from slaying sucking Babylonian infants to trying to imitate YHWH. How pathetic.



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