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God Ashur Yahwe Allah bless Shushan
Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 23:37:36 (CEST)
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Thank you, Shushan, for sharing that with the rest of us.

...and might I "nobody"

If you can't stand behind your words with your real name, why should anyone else pay attention to what you are saying?


Shushan wrote:
>nobody wrote:
>>Öand this all the religious right problem? When the right complains it automatically becomes their problem.
>*** yes because they are the ones making this divide rich and poor widen which will cause more poverty and more unwanted pregnacies and more desparate women in need of abortions. and don't fool yourslef... they and you don't care about those women and babies.. it is all your egos and need to be superior to others... so they won't solve it and it is their problem for they made sex a sin and the human body a shame and talk of sex forbidden, so these teenagers with unwanted pregancies that are the majority of abortions, are shadowed in ingornance and make rash decisions... and then you and your religious right futher shame them about the unwed pregancy so they get the abortions rather than turn to family if they have family to support them... yes, i think the hypocrisy of a world built on hypocrisy is that the people that cry the most about abortions have the mindsets that have most caused the divisions and ignorances in the world that put women in those desparte situations.
>>>Put your money where your mouth is and do something.
>*** look you arrogant little shit.. i don't know who you are or what you have done or what give you the right to say that to me... but when you do what i already do then come give me advice on what more to do.. have you contributed both charitable money and work to help unwed mothers, teenage girls, orphans, foster kids, birth control education and distribution programs, crisis hotlines... and all the other things you can do to help people in these desparate circumstances to have a better life? And I will not throw away a vote for Bush and I don't want these conservatives judges... for they are just using this abortion issue as poltics, for they don't give a shit about the poor that it affects, as they show with every thing they do that makes the poor poorere and th rich richer. And we can't afford another 4 years of Bush and his religious right nutcases in power making holy wars more likely, attacking a nonterrorist country instead of going after the imminent threat terrorists, making tax cuts for the rich, trying to destroy social security, medicare and make health care a privilege one day for the wealthy... help corporate corruption be part of our war machine, etc. etc.. now I will not be used as a tool using my compassionate heart for unborn babies to allow millions more to suffer by voting these power money hungry religion induced psychotic minds more power than they already have... I am voting for Kerry and pray he undoes all the damage Bush does, including stopping wars and murder and terrorism and poverty... if he can at least help stop those things instead of increasing them as Bush has, then my vote will help the world including one day making a world were people want be in desperate circumstances to ahve abortions... no it won't happen in 4 years but with Bush it will never happen cause he has already set this country and the world on a decline that may be unstoppable and he wants to take away our rights, even my right right here and now to voice this opinion... so you tell me to vote for your ilk.. when you are nobody but an arrogant little power tripper who had the audacity to tell me to put my money where my mouth is like you know me and what i do... get a clue and have a debate or voice an opinion, don't go around like you are the boss of me or anyone... list what you have done to make the world a better place so i know who is giving me this snotty advice.
>>>> You gave many examples of what Paul or the "right" can do that are a little out there. I have a suggestion for you. You want to help stop these out of control abortions on demand?
>*** I do what I can without hurting the women in desparate cirumstances and trying to help them. What have you done? Have you knocked any women up, had any one night stands, looked down your nose or given bible quotes of shame on premarital sex or unwed pregnancy??? all those contribute to abortions far more than my vote for Kerry will. So tell us more about you before you start demanding things of me.
>>>>Just go to the poles on Nov. 2 and vote the next pro-life President who will appoint Conservative judges that might reverse Roe V. Wade. No need to start a revolution abroad. Do it by you're vote. I think that isnít asking much. Think about it... the ball is in you're court.
>*** you are a shill just lke them, using abortion and god and those poor innocent fetuses, to tug at heartstrings so you can get your ilk in power to help make the rich richer, exploit people, abuse that power at home and abroad... and make us more hated and terrorism more popular... cause none of your ilk really care about the things that matter, as long as your egos and pocket books are swelled... i vote for real true patriotic americans like kerry who not only served when called but when he realised it was a wrong war with injustices and war crimes did, he had the balls and integrity to step up for what is right, as opposed to your man who was probably busy snorting cocaine and partying in a champaign elite division where he would not even take a physical or show up for duty which was just learning to fly a plane that he would never have to see combat with. I don't go for the surface words that people use to make them look like the follow scripture and delusions of being appointed by god or holy wars, i go by what they have done... and Kerry to me showed that being a patriotic american is standing up for what is right even if it is the underdog that you saw abuse of... whereas Bush thinks what is right is telling his supporters at a lunch that he has nicknamed is base as the ELITE... that one statement summarizes Bush's entire motivation... the God thing is a ploy or a delusion... I don't want someone who beleives in armeggedon determining whether there will be a civilization that i would want my grandchildren to flourish in... bad enough that the world today is so unsafe and kids have to live with all these fears... and that we have to worry about terrorism and i say 10X more due to the war in iraq, not to mention the 1000 soldiers killed 8000 disabled and 200 billion tax dollars and counting used to kill 20,000 iraqis, make their lives unsafe, and you know damn well the minute the US pulls out that every terrorist in the middle east will make their mission in life to take over iraq, and then our precious assyrian christians will be in more danger thanks to being unfairly and inaccuragtely being associated with all this talk of christianity against the evil doers... we need a president like Kerry who admits that war in iraq was a mistake and that we need to make bonds with the millions of muslims that don't hate us before they do... listen to a kerry speech.. this is what he is saying.. then listen to bush.. and all he is saying over and over again is that sadam gone made the world safer from terrorism.. i fell for it in the beginning being bombarded by media brainwashing.. but it is wrong... sadam was so brutal and control freak that he never would have let terrorists take over his country but now there may not be anyone, not even us, that can stop them... he was not a religious fanitic, just a brutal sadistic nut, but he would not have killed all christians in iraq, but now i fear that if taliban like terrorist ideology ever wins in iraq, that will happen... and as for the US, 100X many more people hate us and the ranks of terrorists have had fresh recruiting.. think 20,000 people killed in iraq, each with 100 people that knew them, that is 2 million people that feel we murdered in a war we initiated about WMDs that don't exist in Iraq but surely do in our nucelar arsenals... and that is 1/10 their population.. and not to mention what we did to homes and businesses and infrastructure and museum artifact and other lootings... and how many children died or were maimed... that mark is on my country's soul now and we need a kerry to say we need to make this right and not a bush that can only say it made us safer... it did not make the world safer, it set the world on a course that i pray we can stop and have peace and sanity and religions can weed out teh fanaticism on both sides.
>okay my blood pressure has been high the past week, so i am taking an internet break... especialy if "nobody"s are now annoying me with their snotty demands and presumings they know me and what i do with my money, time and vote.


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