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In the nuthouse with Parhad....
Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Wednesday, October 6 2004, 5:02:10 (CEST)
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>I think, on reflection, Paul is right...the Christians in his East were the Jews driven out by Rome who settled in and were accepted by the decent pagans of the East. The Romans threw the Jews out in 70 AD and soon after that membership into the Jewish sect of Christianity was openned up to non-Jews. Doesn`t mean anyone just means Paul recognized the need to do everything they could to attract followers....

If your parents and grandparents were Christians, of the Church of the East variety before they were swayed by Lutheran missionaries in Urmia, does that mean that you, yourself, are descended from those very same Jews who were driven out by Rome?

I mean, we all know that the Assyrians weren't raped into Christianity by the Romans. Romans never ruled Assyria. And we know, of course, that there was no way that the Assyrians could have accepted Christianity without the use of any force.

So that means that you can't possibly be an Assyrian. Your ancestors were members of the Church of the East, those same Jews who reproduced in pagan lands.

Explains your Judeao-Christian last name. Why are you building monuments to those who persecuted your Jewish forefathers? Or are you just thanking those good pagans for saving your Jewish ass from the Romans, the bad pagans?



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