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Re: Any thoughts on the debates?
Posted by Dubya (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 16:55:41 (CEST)
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what about John Edwards voting record or lack of...oh ya we know how one sided and bias you can be...never mind...your opinion won't matter anyway...
Qasrani wrote:
>Hey Jeff,
>Being at Case, I have to say that the veeps debate did wonders for mobilizing everyone politically. I've been here two years and Cleveland is the most depressing city I have ever lived in: poor, segregrated, rust-belted. So, to see the students showing political presence was a refreshing change, even if they were doing it for cameras.
>Dick actually didn't say he supported an amendment banning gay marriage. He actually agrees with the Democrats on that. He's almost come out saying it, but the few opportunities that he's made his opinion known, his party has went into an uproar. I thought his answer was convoluted at best on the gay marriage thing, which is understandable--> even if it is the party's line, how can he personally defend something that goes against what he believes (and which impacts the life of his daughter)? I think that is why in rebuttal he didn't redress the issue after John's response. There was nothing to say, let's move on.
>I hope you read the posting I just put up "Veeps Head-On"- it's hilarious and very true. Cheney did spend his time focusing on Gwenn Ifill and did not even acknowledge Edwards, which I thought was so strained.
>I personally loved, almost jumped out of my seat, when Edwards went through Cheney's voting record in the House. Given the direction that the debate was taking, I thought he wouldn't get it in, but he did.
>On Cheney's voting record alone, we need to oust this administration. A Republican classmate of mine whose father owns oil wells here defended against something I said on the lack of moral character shown by his voting record by saying: We don't know what was the context of the vote. I just stared at her blankly, not knowing what to say and then just replied with: Apartheid. We knew what that was for a long time.
>I don't understand how anyone with an ounce of conscience can defend this administration. I'm not saying jump to the other side... All you need is the answers on Israel-Palestine to know that there are some things that red and blue are the same.... BUT how can anyone conscious and with a conscience say they are in the right? Are we devolving as a society? Are our bellies that full and our homes that cozy that we've closed in on ourselves?
>I'm serious stumped on this issue. I try not to think about it too much though... It's too disturbing to think that in fact I live in a callous society.
>Jeff wrote:
>>Personally I liked the Vice Pres. debates more than the presidential. They covered more ground...and Dick and John seem to have more differences than George and John.
>>I absolutely loved it when Dick spoke about how he supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage...and then about how John mentioned that Dick's daughter is a lesbian.
>>But all in all with the focus on fear and safety I'd say they didn't really get to the meat of the matter...they just trimmed the edges.


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