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Re: Belief in Ashur?
Posted by Dean (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 18:35:34 (CEST)
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Can you elaborate on what it means to believe in "Ashur"?


parhad wrote:
>Dean wrote:
>>Now ... when you say "slander him and those who believe in and like him" -
>>What do you mean by "believe in ... him"?
>...see how a belief in ONE god can make you stupid? You believe in the nonsense contained in the bible and have the NERVE to question anyone who remains unimpressed and prefers his or her OWN gods??? You got SOME onions fella!
>...I mean I believe in gods by what I see they inspire in their followers...and all I see from you Christians is more and more reason to hide my head in shame at the thought that you crawl between heaven and earth...I look at what Assyrians were inspired to build and the same time the Hebrews were murdering their own children and eating each other...and I know which god deserves my respect: My own.
>Of course I believe in Ashur...I am an Assyrian after all. Why the hell does that strike you people as so odd? Do you NOT see the name of our god in our own name? We are ASHURians...the followers of are Christians, the followers of a Jew. You cannot be Assyrian-Christians because the Christian part of you believes in ONE god...and you have the name of TWO in your hyphenated name. Try to straighten out the mess you've made of yourselves before you criticize anyone else.


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