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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, October 7 2004, 20:35:21 (CEST)
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...that was most refreshing...ceptin for one no time were the Soviets the threat to world peace or the United States. It was the other way around with the Soviets having every good reason to fear a war-mongering though peace-talking America. While the Bolshevik Revolution was still in progress America landed a military contingent on Russian soil who marched up down and then left...but the message was clear...ANYTHING that happens anywhere in the world is America's business...screw any legal process.

The Cuban Missle crisis came about because Kennedy was slow to follow through on his promise to dismantle the hundreds of nuclear tipped missles aimed at Moscow and other Soviet targets from their bases in Turkey. When America reneged time and again, Khruschov decided it was time to use the same logic for "self-defense"...after all no Russians had landed on American soil...

America took credit for beating Hitler when it was the Russians who stopped him cold...very cold. And in another twist to American fairy tales, the world was recently treated to the film U-571...or whatever, in which Americans took credit for seizing the Enigma Machine from the Nazis...when it was the Brits who actually did it...thereby ensuring Hitler's further demise...but who cares, right? As long as it plays in movie houses and flatters us...what does it matter what really happened...or happens?

Americans consistently refuse to confront the fact that their own corporate bossess treat them like so many expendable children...keeping them happy but pig ignorant while weilding absolute power round the world in their names and in the name of a democracy that was bought and sold long ago. So long as the Super Bowl and Janet's tits wave free, Americans will tolerate whatever it takes...whatever it takes!

It is America that fits the description of Evil Empire..never the Soviets or Chinese, who are mere amateurs. But to realize that you'd have to live on the other side of the Velvet Curtain. The people of the world place great and foolish hope in an "America" they see in the movies..not till the Marines land do they begin to see the entire picture. No Iraqi will ever again want to be liberated by America...once was more than enough.

When Saddam invaded Kuwait the Americans had to invent lies about his "cruelty" one needs invent anything about what the Americans have done in their own illegal war...and they are torturing Iraqis far more than Saddam ever did...they OR the Kuwaitis.

Fuckya will claim he loves America he would love his children when they lie, cheat and kill. I wouldn't. I expect more of those I expect more from...and I expect far more from THIS America. Fuckya doesn't understand the first thing about what it can mean to be American in the sense of living up to what is the very essence of America..and that is NOT yahwe...but our blessed Constitution which even allows people like him to use it in order to kill America's soul. That's how potent and powerful real Freedom is...when you are Free you are free to ruin the very things which PROMISE you your freedom. That's what aina and god-people and Paul and thje other dweebs are doing. In a country run along their lines, they would never be allowed to trash that sort of government...but in this this dear, beleagured and friendless America...these mad people are granted the means to undo themselves and the rest of us.

THAT'S when you know you are FREE!!! Whether or not we deserve to be is up to each of us. What they yearn for is a "nice" Dictatorship....a "better" Sharia Law made of THEIR weirdnessess, which to to every Hottentot, are NOT weird at all but RIGHT and right with a "god".

I think Freedom will always win out...with all of its difficulties that can't be solved by sheepshitherding "morals" cast in un-fluid shit. The Human YEARNS to be Free as much as he or she fears it....but it's appeal never never has. People have gone through incredible hell to be only a little more free than they were before..even when it meant their sure death without being able to taste the slight advantage gained...but they wanted it for their children...and THAT is something no dime store god with his idiotic "miracles" and morals can match...never has and never will. The urge to Freedom is is filled with courage and nobility...the drive towards "divinity" represents all that is weak and cowardly and is the FEAR of humans when confronted with the unknowable...and it's exactly what Freedom is...


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