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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Saturday, October 2 2004, 19:11:22 (CEST)
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...I should have known. Someone who takes the word of five Jews he never met, who lived 2000 years ago isn`t about to get particular in what else he believes, the more fantastical the better. It may be that you just aren`t suited to real anything..not real history, real discussion, real research, real`re too busy out among the stars to settle for earthly and mundane things. I told you already the number of books written about nonsense are nonsense themselves..that Anne, the three years old daughter of a janitor, saw the Virgin in the sky and everyone in her village believed her is NOT factual...not the actual sighting..her ASSERTION is indeed a fact. That later ten thousand books are written ABOUT her sighting of the Virgin are just so much more nonsense..though they make you giddy with hope.

See, you knew enough to present a map when you had one. No need for a list of books written by people I wouldn`t accept and aren`t accepted anywhere else outside of a theology class..which is another way of saying voodoo. I want the same kind of OBJECTIVE evidence. The institutions you mentioned all have Theology departments and in theology class they can "teach" you about turning fish into wine..but they can`t DO IT! I`m prepared to believe there are any number of books in any number of libraries in any number of universities that will give any number of Christin converts the church needs to make it`s LIE plausible. I know it well...there would have been more "books" of that sort had the Nazis won their war...I want FACTS that can be tested and many more lists of books that repeat FANTASIES are you going to give me?

Can you not understand English? I don`t want theology...I want HISTORY. Your theologians cum historians are nothing more than historians of the Nazi Party...cute and impressive in their own way..but hardly credible.

Do you get it yet? I have no interest in reading articles that say "it is widely known"..or, " as you can see"...or, everybody agrees that..." Do you understand?

I want articles that say..."THIS bit of historical evidence, verified by these sources and mentioned by contemporaries seems to indicate...". Even in those cases we STILL question veracity and probablility. You people have made DEFINITE staements...without a shadow of a doubt...about something too fantastical to be believed..I told you..when YOU say pigs are flying on Mars it is YOUR obligation to provide some is NOT my job to prove you wrong..and if I can` how could I...for you to then say,,,"aha! That means they COULD be flying around on Mars".

Your claim that people from such complex and refined cutlures threw their religion and culture for THAT bit of drivel is as imposible to believe as that pigs are right now taking off and landing on Mars. It matters not at ALL how many of you believe it or how many books you`ve written or read about it or hop many universities you have teaching all about it..what matters is that YOU have to provie some evidence for your ORIGINAL claim...and such evidence CAN NOT be merely a pile of books and articles ABOUT the claim...those only prove that you have MANY jasckassess all believing the same original bit of nonsense..I want some EVIDENCE for the original place of that, for you can provide none...I want FIGURES and NUMBERS and how you DERIVED them NOT merely give me another TEN ARTICLES all telling me that pigs really DO fly on Mars...that is not to the point at all!

Can you understand plain English?


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