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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, August 6 2004, 15:42:21 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Sheesh. What a crab.

....that`s basically what Hanna told you when you protested your uncle being described as one who sodomizes dead bodies...he claimed he was only being fair..merely following through on what Tiglath started..and it was his policy to be fair. You didn`t think it was quite that way.

...I said we should keep family out of it and you quickly inserted my wife`s name. To point that out to you, as well as the fact that I could do it as easily...and a lot more effectively than you can because I have no principles and am an animal and a coward, wasn`t my way of being funny, or crabby.

...You must realize that we are the forum that would not have allowed that slander against a dead man who can`t defend himself...and we are also the forum that will not remove your comments about my wife...or any "jokes" at my my guest. My post wasn`t intended to be funny...I can be funny when the time is crabby post was to try to remind you that down this road uglies wait for all of us and also to wonder why you chose this particular time to introduce my wife`s name...

...funny is for later. Your response that I am being "crabby" is merely your attempt to again make a joke of what I asked you in all seriousness. This makes you out to be the fool in the piece...not me.


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