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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, September 4 2004, 3:44:29 (CEST)
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Tony wrote:
>What you have mentioned isn't anything new to working class; the struggle
>goes back to many many moons ago and discovery of Seed/Agriculture and communities/socities that were built around these agricultural sites. I think, as the the gap between Capitalist/Bourgeois and Proletariatian becomes wider and wider the possibility of World-wide Proletarian Revolution gets stronger and stronger everyday..

..I didn`t read in your article any mention of Mafia infiltration and corruption or the government`s collusion, I think..nor about J Edgar Hoover`s being blackmailed by the Mob so he went looking elswhere for America`s enemies...refuisng to even admit there was organized crime in America and what they were involved favor fo chasing college professors and writers and actors and other Commie Pinkos...I don`t think the corruption in Labor has been properly addressed at all...there`s no real reason given for the fall off in membership or interest..

.I have no faith in a Proletarian Revolution...I think by the time revolution comes about people are so insane they set up the next cycle of their own abuse...I think education and evolution will be the only way..sure things can get so bad you have riots in the streets..but that`s mob rule and it`s best to avoid it..if Labor were cleaned up and kept that way..if the Federal government saw the beneift of a strong and prosperous Middle Class that had room in it for more...there might be some improvement...

But the problem is bigger than that...there`s no way to sustain Capitalism...not on this scale and with this large a population, dwindling resouces and an angry environment...just as slavery gave way to Feudalism and that had to bow before entirely different moedel is needed..replacing boards of directors at General Electric and other conglomerates with a bunch of workers..who all want more pay etc...isn`t getting at the core...Labor is being abused by an abusive system...not a system of a Boss and corporate board but of Capitalism itself...and Marx didn`t have the answer either..though he and Veblen and others sure as hell pin pointed the disease...I don`t know what the solution is...but world wide birth control and abortion for fun are going to have to be a part of it...or forget it.


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