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Posted by nobody (Guest) - Saturday, September 11 2004, 1:54:35 (CEST)
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"Lastly, abortion is not such a light decision to make. The various women that I know (both old & established and young & unestablished) revisit their decision regularly." is a matter of life and death. the problem they choose death.

""One friend turned to me last week in the middle of conversation and said "I would be in my third trimester now" in the most heart-wrenchingly retrospective blurt. I had to stop and remember and I did."

Did this friend remember the "magic moment" while she was in bed making "magic" or she forgoth that altogher? Hmmm...the child payed dearly capital punishment if you will for that "magic moment"

"And at that point, I remembered her sobbing on the phone for weeks afterward, questioning her choice but always ending up at the same conclusion that she couldn't have the baby."

Do you think keeping her legs closed would have made this problem nonexistance?

"But she knew that she had to do it."

Yes she had to get her groove on...okay...

"How would she raise a child by herself at her age? I can honestly tell you that she isn't the only woman I have known and every single one of them would somberly tell you that they sadly made the choice for lack of options. To me, that's a societal failing and not an individual one.'

It's okay it seems like you are doing a good job...keep up the good work


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