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Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Monday, October 4 2004, 17:53:16 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>>..then take your cross and shove it up your ass....that`s the symbol being used today by the people murdering our people TODAY.
>When arguing for abortion, you claim this land and its laws aren't Christian,

..I don`t argue FOR abortion..I argue for a woman`s full equality and right to decide what happens to and in and with her body. I don`t argue FOR tampons either..just their availibility. That`s right...The war YOU wage against our Laws is a Christian war..our Laws are NOT.

but when we go to war we are Christian.

..because you go to war AS CHRISTIANS. In this war especially Christian imagery has been strong and heavy handed...just as it was in your last Holocaust and first one..againt the people are at it again. Decades of Christian crap went into preparing the nation for these kinds of wars...against people for their RELIGION. In this one especially there was no legal basis whatsoever..but test people by their views on abortion, Queers, school prayers etc and you`ll find almost PERFECT agreement between their god-views on all issues AND their view that Islam is EVIL and we HAD to fight this EVIL!

...It is the most stupidly devout who wage this war against women...against sex...and against other people are steeped in Evil.
>Make up your mind first and then come and talk. mind is never made up...I`m a work in progress...a fluid piece of Human Bean and loving it. You can stand in cement forever.


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