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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Sunday, October 3 2004, 23:06:38 (CEST)
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....what a discovering new territory, when you come across an Assyrian who stands upright and chews his or her own food...I knew they were out there!

Kikhwa wrote:
>Can't wait till this one comes out!
>Here's a message from the director:
>Poetic Emancipation is an Assyrian/American Film shot on location in Chicago, IL. The film will be screening for Assyrian Audiences in the coming months. Below you will find a link to our website which includes:
>-A Poetic Emancipation Quicktime Trailer
>-A link to Reel Chicago's article on the film
>-A PDF File of an article in "Big Idea Magazine's" October Issue
>The site is under construction and currently is only housing the above mentioned material. We will soon have an updated gallerey of production stills as well.
>Please feel free to contact me at
>Hope you enoy!
>Haron Adoni Esho


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