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Re: Was (Is) it Worth it?
Posted by Dubya (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 6:30:53 (CEST)
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BigBird wrote:
>After death of millions of Iraqi innocent people and ordinary working class that serves U.S. military machine, a decent question one must ask, was (is) it worth to see so many MILLIONS of lives perished under FALSE PRETENSES.

Who the hell are you kidding? Millions of Iraq's? Welcome to SPINSANITY!

>Was (is) it worth it, knowing that so many millions dreams, so many homes, so many families, so many parents, so many mothers, so many fathers, so many children experienced this fucking war under FALSE PRETENSE?

Sheik Ali Moore...give me a break
>Do you give a fuck, Paul? Do you give a fuck, Dean? How about you Peter, and you Fred Aprim, and you George, and you Faris, and you Alkhas, and you Ashur, and you Hanna banana?
>I wish you were all there to see it with your own eyes and be an eyewitness to see how terrifying, hair-raising has been for MILLIONS OF IRAQIS

I wish you were there fighting along your brothers...the insurgents
>I wish you were there to see Iraqi motherís griefs, Iraqi fatherís heartache and Iraqi children wooing and crying for their parents. Instead, you coward sat in the WEST, and waved your guns behind your desks-a bunch of cyber warriors.
>I will never forgive you and I will never forget you all.

Shut up!


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