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Posted by Dubya (Guest) - Thursday, September 30 2004, 18:41:31 (CEST)
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Come on I call you all girls because I could not see you guys playing ruff when you were young with the other boys. Either you were bullied or beat up by other girls when you were young or you just didn't like getting down and dirty. That resonated to your adult life. I never mentioned woman or ladies. I only said girly girls with sissy like attributes. As far as ladies are concerned...they are the most beautiful thing. They are like goddesses who should be treated like queens and believe you; I know how to treat a lady. So don't confuse the two. Thank you

Dubya 2004

parhad wrote:
>>P.S. You honour me by calling me a girl. Unlike YOU I've never had an inferiority complex about my masculinity and have meanwhile been working on my feminine side and trying to develop more of a nurturing and loving aspect to my personality. I say this with the strength of my masculine half and the compassion of my feminine half.
>..that`s exactly my aim all along. There was a good book out years ago during the hey day of the Women`s movement titled, "Masculine, Feminine and Human" was SUCH a relief to read and see how many of us men and women are struggling to become human again.
>..every male friend I ever had...and there were damn few...had a strong feminine component in their character..which is to say they were more completely Human. The masculine sterotype is as ridiculous a thing and makes as awful a partner as the femimine one.
>...we can see in this "masculine" afraid of being Queer AND disrespecting girls and women so much just how cut off from Humnanity such a freak is. The guy can really only fuck himself...and he does!


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