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Posted by Dubya (Guest) - Wednesday, September 29 2004, 17:39:46 (CEST)
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What's the matter...are you getting irritated? I don't what to do that then I would be just like you slim shady...

parhad wrote:
>....the sad part is they get to good children the easiest..the ones who are naturally trusting and willing to please...too shy to stand out in a group as the skeptical ones...they tried the same crap on me...told me all about Jesus flying to heaven and 45 toes of St John the Baptist in convenient locations for you to worship..this business of gods becomming human to walk the earth is as old as using a rock for brain surgery..we gave up on the one but still expect brain surgeons to buy the`s ludicrous and explains so much of the pathetic state of our collective "intellect" and how we produced a bumper crop of Dubya´s and Nobody`s all of them VERY proud of the beliefs that make them so ashamed, at the same time, they can`t bear anyone knowing who they are...
>religion is poison. Once upon a time maybe it improved something somewhere..but it´s long been a corrupting influence on civil society...look at them...Paul and the rest of them come here and get dirty...they say and do those secret dirty things they must be longing to do the rest of the time..when they`re being all good and pious...that´s the BEST use they can put Freedom wonder they believe in devils and evil..they`re chock full of them.


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