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Posted by Dubya (Guest) - Wednesday, September 29 2004, 17:36:29 (CEST)
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come on bbbrrroo...

parhad wrote:
>>Can someon tell me how many times this guy is going to sound like a broken record.
> you mind broken records or just this one...cause I gotta say you are as broken as anyone else.
> I am surpised this girl from down and diry under hasn't mentioned Psalms.
> you not like girls? Is an insult in your book to call someone a "girl"? Who do you like to fuck? I though you were a little hung up on our assess around here.
> It has been what three weeks now? Hold on I see Psalms coming soon. U.N. is coming to save you kangaroo jackass
>...see what I mean? At beth the guy toes the line..he likes tatoos, loves Hanna`s careful to love god and Bush...because otherwise he`d be he comes here to America where we still have a Bill of Rights and rejoices cause here he can be as dumb as he wants vulgar as he never can be at home....sigh.
>...when you are free it doesn`t mean you become wise or educated or can deal in complex issues just means you`re free to become so, it will still require time and`re also free to remain at the level of these boys...and they are all welcome.


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