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Posted by Qasrani (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 22:25:24 (CEST)
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Henry Miller may have predicted it in the 1920s, but I think anybody that knows the natural progression of empires would tell you the same. Selfishly, I fear that it may all come crumbling down before I am ejected...from earth by natural causes... I guess I can always leave the US and live abroad in my old age. But one thing I know is that the Pax Americana will be speeded along if Bush gets re-elected.

So, if you are for American hegemony (and hell, in the system of nation-states, there will always be a hegemone, so why not us), you cannot vote for Bush. And if you want to slow down the process of the empire's demise you will have to vote against him. Funny how that works...


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