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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 18:37:58 (CEST)
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Actually I agree with you that there is something terribly wrong in this country when abortion is used as birth control, as it may be with the many repeat abortions. But there are some that are just scared shamed poor girls. But I too want abortion to be illegal... I think it is the great holocaust of our time and one day it will be looked back on like slavery, nazi holocaust, manifest destiny's holocaust against native americans... even as terrorism... cause to that fetus being sucked out of its life, the forces do that are a form of terrorism to a being that can't even comprehend the terror but surely feels it on at the least a neurological and probably somewhat cognitive level... and those moments of horror are what bothers me as much as the snuffing out of potential and unique life. So I agree with you that I should not have distracted from the issue at hand, but in weird ways, these things are all related... do you really think abortion would be legal, if some very rich people weren't getting richer off of it, if it was not big business... and don't you think for all the protesting a lot of the religious right republicans done't want all those poor children on welfare and neglected to worry them about the ranks of the destitute and disillussioned and disgruntled to grow... don't fool yourself, it is not the farids or habibis that are keeping abortion legal, it is the bushes and the rockerfellers and the elite that like to look down their nose with religious pretensions at the lower classes and their ugly abortions while they keep widening that gap of rich and poor that contributes to the desparate situtionas of people in those conditions.

As for sex, I personally for myself believe in monogamous loving sex but I admit that I don' think premarital sex is a sin and I don't think sex is just for procreation... why else did God make it so pleasureable, so addicting, so orgasmic if he did not want us to enjoy it as a bonding experience as well as for procreation... but evolutionarily, you are right, it probably evolved to be so pleasureable and addictive (both brain chemistry and neurologically and psychologically and emotionally and instinctually) so that when we can we do it so we procreate and the species continues despite the hardships of giving birth or life would have died out long ago... so evolution actually says that it evolved to be pleasureable for procreation, but it may have had some side benefits evolutionarily too for bonding between mates to keep them together and to make it not a dirty thing but a very pleasurable thing in a world for primitive humans surely was not as filled with some of the pleasures we get these days from reading, and hobbies and jobs and sports... so exercise and hunting and sex and bonding and teaching and nurturing your young are things that help the species survive so if you want Evolution to be God then you are right... but we have evolved beyong just our animal instincts or else men would never marry for them it is better to spread their "seed" to as many women as they could, and they did not have christian priests prior to 2000 years ago and no priests porbably at all 10000 years ago, so are we all bastard sons and daughters of a million years of human evolutionary sex without marriage... and as for promiscuity... some men can't help that instinct especially when young but it is alway sthere... i don't think we women have it as much for we need the evolutionary security of monogamy... so what is right to us is both pounded in us by religion and soceity but there are things deep inside our subconscious and instincts that no book can undo what evolution/god put there... and the only sin, to me, is presuming to know the mind of God or hurting another person maliciously... so if the premarital sex is a women trying to get something from the guy materialistic or the guy just trying to get another notch in his belt or scratch that itch without concern for the feelings, physical and emotional health of each other, and well being, then it is a sin for it is not sex but ego or manipulation or selfishness... but if it is an act of sharing and loving and pleaure, then lets take the good we can out of life that can be so miserable and so unforgiving and so lonely if we really think about it too much... but you are right that people always use their greed and selfishness to corrupt every good thing, even sex... so we need some restraints and that was probably why marriage socially evolved and it is good... but with allthe sex bombarding teens with tv, movies, ads (sex sells and they use it, both consciously and with subliminal suggestions) and music and culture... you stroke that instinctual urge, especially with visual stimulation, and you are going to get people having sex before they have bonded and known and loved each other enough to committ to marriage and raisign children together... but not all people live on their instincts, there are cereberal ones of us that embrace our sexuality and enjoy it in monogomous ways without shame or worry about if it is a sin this time cause i am not in the fertiel part of my cycle or too old to get pregnant or don't want to get pregnant... it is a side benefit of all the other cruelties god gave us from periods to child birth to male posturing that guys tortuer each other with, cattiness that women torture each other with, possessiveness the both torture each other with... we get a pleasure and release almsot from reality and pain and suffering for a little while during sex, and as long as we do it wisely so we don't get diseases or unwanted pregnancies, or hurt anyones dignity or sense of self, then it is a gift from God not to be perverted by using against anyone in the act or in shaming the act... just my opinion.



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