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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 8:12:59 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>That's never going to happen....not as long as abortion-on-demand is in high demand so that women can have their "sexual freedom", free of consquences of course....except to the baby who is innocent in all of this.

..What of the sexual freedom men have always preserved as their domain..where is their reponsibility there?

..once again..the fetus has ALKWAYS been killed in abortions...this isn`t about the ALWAYS get may not like it..go ahead and don`t like it...all we`re trying to do is save the mother...your ranting morality will not abolish abortions..but if you get your way you WILL cause the death of is this moral?
>Baby-killing is big business with big profit, ask to see Planned "Parenthood"s annual report to find out just what the abortion mills are up to under the guise of "choice" and "freedom."

..that`s one does this for the money..there aren`t enough abortion doctors as it is...clinics have been blown up..doctors have been killed...people who work in abortion clinics fear for their`s hardly a lucrative buiness...but are a liar..we know that and at no time more than when you get all godly and worked up...give us some proof for a change...
>Farid, though, would excuse it as "justified for the advancement of civilization, water, land, the securing of natural resources....and security, ESPECIALLY SECURITY." He only cries for the "viable" children...while Habibi only gives a damn about the dark ones.

...your emotional outbursts are fit for the nursery..this is only an emotional issue to you because it`s easy and you`re a isn`t emotional at`s a no-brainer...nothing you`ve done or said has stopped abortions...we just want to stop the mother from dying along with the want the mother to suffer and die for her transgressions and the world has said fuck you..we see this is your sickness and not morality...or rather that your god is is a sick Fuck with morals to match.


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