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Posted by nobody (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 18:42:46 (CEST)
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You listen and look. Read through the thread thoroughly. First of all their are not threats directed to you or any one else for that matter. I noticed your thought process is driven by emotions. I urge you read the threads all over again and point out where I was referring to you in anyway before you threw the first insult. Secondly, you ask ask what credentials I have or done for the world and expect me to answer unless you have done something yourself. I don't have to disclose my private and charities to someone who is just asking for asking sake to see if I do charity work or not. You don't know how many people I counsel or how many people I help. It is between me and me. I am not trying to get brownie points from you or nobody else. That is not how it works. I don't need compensation monetary or a pat on the back. I have my political views and my personal views. They cannot be separated. I did not tell you who to vote for directly. I basically said vote your conscience. As far as unwanted babies are concerned you have to admit...was has to be in a sexual moment to become pregnant. I am not condemning no one. all I say is before a girl gets her groove on she should think that she has the power to procreate. At the time building up to her moment she should think of the repercussion. The guy is not. He thinks with his dingaling then bang (no pun) heís out of there and nowhere to be found. Think about it cause in effect. I know not every case is this way, but I bet 95% percent is. The rest of the 5 percent are for rape incest or health. So if you want compassion...start by teaching them when their young and not telling them its okay and go off and do it again because it was easy. Their has to be limitations. Itís to easy! now relax bring your pressure back down to normal and read it all over again. No threats and no direct endorsements just thoughts.


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