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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 6:10:54 (CEST)
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thanks paul,
i would have been broken hearted if that was agreeing with him cause despite my rants on religion, i still like and respect you... and hope we can agree to disagree without you feeling the way that fool did. and just because i am voting for kerry, he paints me as a communist... he is using those 50s scare tactics to label people to get them afraid to voice their opinions and making liberal a dirty word even though i am in the middle really... this is what happens when people can't debate, they just name call.. and i don't mind the name calling since it was so ridiculous that i coudl nto take it serious and i have been harsh on religion so i need to take harshness back.. but what bothered me about this guy is that one he seemed to think he knew me when he just started posting and he in 3 placed threatened to do me physical harm... and that is uncalled for and how do i know he is not a real psychotic.. i have an estalker so maybe that is that weirdo resurfacing.. and for the record, i am around 40 so i am not menapausal yet and i was talking in general about grandchildren for i don't have any... and this is what men who can't hold a real conversation with women do, the start talking about them being on rags or whatever his menapause and old rants were about adn talking about women spreading their legs and vile vulgar ways... and we all have talked a little racey lately but his was full of hate and sex and violence when directed in a hate rant against a woman that you had one conversation with that this guy started being negative and insulting towards me, tells me this is probalby someone unstable or perhaps my estalker and not really someone who supposedly just read my first post here as he implied... but i still apologize if some of my posts liek that were bitchy but we all rant like that on these forums so how come when you all do it, it is okay but when i do it, i need to be put in my place... and besides this is america, i can like and vote for kerry and that does not make me a communist and only a nut would think that and try to intimidate me to think super psychotic conservative like this guy. i hope he or she but i think it is a he since he was fixated on women spreading their legs... is not my estalker or i might have to call the internet police if he keeps threatening me with bodily harm as he did in 3 places... this is just talk on these forums... he needs to chill or take a valium or something... ever since the last series of attacks against me, my blood pressure has been high so i may just throw out my computer so i break this forum addiction ;)

hope you did not mind my antireligion rants... cause i still like ya paul for you were always sweet and supportive of my posts on beth... thanks and hoepfully bye.. this is beyond what i care to deal with just to voice my opinion.

take care. and thanks for the translation.. i was hoping you were telling him to chill and not giving me the thumbs up for that misogynist threatening twisted attack.



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