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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 22:01:01 (CEST)
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and mr nobody, you are the same kind of hypocrite that will then smite the unwed mother and her child as whore and bastard when she doesn't have the abortion... your motives are crystal clear now... and to think I didn't believe those posting here saying that was what prolifers were about... I guess they are wiser and have their eyes wider open than I.

Who are you anyway? Have we talked before on Beth? There is someone that someone recently told me has been posting to me the past year under a variety of different names that was always trying to convert me to his form of religion... are you him? Please tell me no since I thought underneath his religious rants, he was okay but whoever you are, you worry me and bother me... so pick on someone else... there is nothing of value we could say to each other. bye.


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