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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Monday, September 13 2004, 13:27:20 (CEST)
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It may have been in there for thousands of years but you only knew about it after I told you and all the other pig-ignorant parochial former-village dwelling Christians about it.

Just why do you think your priest is smiling when he stands up there on the pulpit and speaks in "lishana atiqua?"

Hell why do you think they insist on using "lishana atiqua" in some of our churches to this very day?

The answer is because they know that sheep like you with the attention span of a goldfish will not bother to look under the covers never questioning never understanding what they are truly saying to you. And never to raise a bleet or a whimper when they tell you that your new god, who is Jewish by the way, can be pleased by dashing the head of your little children on rocks.

More kiddy brains anyone?


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